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Mastodon set to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Official press release: Mastodon have announced their first live late night televised appearance in support of their new album, Emperor of Sand, which will be released via Reprise Records on March 31st. The band will perform on the outdoor stage at ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! on April 3rd, and the following day, April 4th, a rare, intimate show at Amoeba Music Hollywood, 6400 Sunset Blvd., at 5 pm. Beginning on Friday, March 31st, fans who purchase Emperor of Sand at Amoeba Hollywood will receive admission to the in-store and a limited-edition "Mastodon Live at Amoeba" lithograph commemorating the show. Admission is limited to in-store orders only and two LP/CD + ticket per person. Admittance lines for the in-store will form on Ivar Avenue beginning at 2 pm on April 4th and is limited to first purchasers and the store's capacity.


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anonymous 3/16/2017 7:33:17 AM

I hope brent hinds vocals are completely shot again, shit is too funny when he starts doing the cleans and he sounds like hes taking a dump

anonymous 3/16/2017 7:40:22 AM


anonymous 3/16/2017 7:43:22 AM

someone plz book my band xTOURNIQUETx on this. 18v stole OUR riffs don't believe the naysayers

anonymous 3/16/2017 2:14:15 PM


anonymous 3/16/2017 2:16:30 PM

do not let ryan dunn get on the mic, guy can't even remember his name half the time

anonymous 3/17/2017 3:49:21 AM

so many haters, this band has sold more records than you commenters combined. Facts you life disappointments - J. Kimmel

rick____tocchet 3/17/2017 6:17:03 AM

Always thought this band was one huge Snoozefest.

anonymous 3/17/2017 2:04:50 PM

Last night your dad's boyfriend (his dad) and your dad had a one big Spoogefest with Drops of Jupiter on repeat and no amount of your your whaling, caterwauling and pounding the wall could make them stop.

anonymous 3/17/2017 3:09:45 PM

^This was entirely too specific -- projection

anonymous 3/19/2017 8:44:15 AM

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anonymous 3/19/2017 1:17:49 PM

this band is awful, but a lot of good bands tour with them... so there's that...

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