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Haemorrhage completes new album

Official press release: Spanish goregrind stalwarts Haemorrhage have completed recording their first album in over six years and follow-up to 2011's Hospital Carnage. The band's seventh studio album was recorded at Mpire Studio in Madrid by Alfredo Ustara and Javi Ustara and is set to be mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails, Skinless). The new album will contain 14 tracks of Haemorrhage's pathological gore, perfect for listening to in mortuaries and mausoleums everywhere. The album is entitled We Are The Gore and is set for release in late 2017 via Relapse Records. Additionally, numerous guest musicians and friends have contributed to the record including Carlo Regadas from Monstrance (ex-Carcass), Ross Sewage and Sean McGrath from Impaled, Jaro from Meat Spreader (ex-Dead Infection), Peter Svoboda, Cremator and Digestor from Ghoul, Dany from Dead, and Noel Kemper from Gruesome Stuff Relish. Guitarist Luisma commented on the new album: "Musically, We Are The Gore is our best (de)composed album yet. The tracks are 100% classic Haemorrhage, but on a new level as we have never worked so hard on an album before. The addition of Erik [drums] has given us the chance to create music we couldn't do before. He is one of the most talented young drummers out there. We Are The Gore is dedicated to all the people who work in the "dark side of reality", the people who deal with everyday death and sickness that help us avoid suffering. They are the real 'Gore'."

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anonymous 3/11/2017 6:32:28 AM

I got a bad case of HEMORRHOIDS when I realized this article wasn't about CODE ORANGE!!!!!!!

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