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Late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray's belongings set for auction

Next month items from the "personal and private collection" of late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray will be auctioned via the "Paul Gray All Access Legacy Auction." The auction will feature tour-used bass guitars, amps, cabinets, gear, stage worn apparel, set lists, tour itineraries, signed items, and record awards, among other items. "It's truly a privilege to be hosting this event especially knowing that it will benefit Paul's daughter October," says Backstage Auctions founder Jacques van Gool. "Each of the guitars and jumpsuits has their own story to tell and represent a significant element of Paul Gray's touring and recording history," he adds. "I have personally worked with Brenna Gray over the past 18 months and her final selection of items from Paul's collection is amazing and truly honors Paul's legacy. She has hand-picked items that will appeal to Paul Gray and Slipknot collectors all around the world." The auction will commence on April 1 and run through April 9. You can find more information on the auction here. Paul Gray passed away in 2010 at the age of 38. Autopsy results ultimately found that Gray died of a morphine overdose, though heart disease may have been a contributing factor.

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anonymous 3/9/2017 7:31:46 AM

Wish this article was full of INFO about the one and only CODE ORANGE instead!!!!!

anonymous 3/9/2017 8:31:13 AM

Paul Gray and Slipknot collectors all around the world are stoked.

anonymous 3/9/2017 9:10:29 AM

Why don't they just auction off his daughter?

anonymous 3/9/2017 9:17:13 AM

"Why don't they just auction off his daughter?" Do you really think thats funny?

anonymous 3/9/2017 10:22:32 AM

Leave it to the clowns at LameGoat to try to be hilarious in the face of a musicians passing\auctioning off items of personal value. fcking douchebags,y'all are just upset that when you pass, not even GG Allen's ghost, would piss nor shit on your gravesite.

anonymous 3/9/2017 11:28:45 AM

G.G. Allin* pardon the typo...

anonymous 3/9/2017 12:13:41 PM


carveyournamein 3/9/2017 12:42:22 PM

She can't live off non existent royalty checks

anonymous 3/9/2017 2:33:19 PM

Waiting for Serj Tankian of SOAD fame to weigh in on the situation

anonymous 3/9/2017 3:38:06 PM

This is Serj of SOAD fame. I think it is fckin' gay. Maybe that whore wife of his should get a job and not sell off her dead husband's possessions. Clearly she doesn't give a fck and just wants to cache in while she can.

anonymous 3/9/2017 4:40:33 PM

thats the imposter srj taking an L -00/garbage, also there's a 45 yo fanboi up in the comments crying up a storm, plus October gray can Get into my van I would spew some juice.? I'd pay a dollar.

anonymous 3/9/2017 6:02:31 PM

Way to throw the baby out with the bath water. Either wants to forget about this clown and move on or living above her means. Back to reality.

anonymous 3/9/2017 6:59:01 PM

SERJ and SHAVO wouldn't stand a CHANCE in a friendly game of MMA against legendary CODE ORANGE bass player POWDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous 3/9/2017 8:08:05 PM

Twitter blowin me up for hours about this one and well the fans speculation is not too far off but only 1 big mamajammer cookin this bird - feet and giblets! XD srj tmkn-sod fame. It ture that me and slipnot SHAVO "50 shades, all P gray" were sworn enemy xP lmao we piss in his cooler full of ice cold coors light and well? Paul swing back and hide my opera glasses lmao anway I be purchasing his whole estate, breaking most of it, and giving some things to SHAVO to use as maybe a chair lmao

anonymous 3/9/2017 8:11:46 PM

Well srj too busy bidding on Paul grey old socks and baby teeth to notice us slippin on the MacBook xP it me! The boys den Mlkn on keys and well SHAVO? servin up hot ice tea and a bite of choco muffins xD life ain't nathin but mine blessin over here boys. Anway! SHAVO want to know how much "dead Paul" daughter goin for and srj not goin for it! Lmao SHAVO want to keep her on display kinda twisted!! XD lol maybe teach her to perform chip SUY! for our guests???

anonymous 3/11/2017 6:45:04 PM

Shouldn't Joe who was in First Blood/for the fallen dreams just support them on his pay from the gym he works at? He knocked her up like a month after he died. Least he can do

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