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Eyehategod frontman issues statement; still needs help

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 6:53 AM PT / 8,988 views

Nearly three months after undergoing a liver transplant, Eyehategod vocalist Mike Williams has issued an update. Notably, Williams says he is "still in dire need" of financial assistance to pay for treatment related expenses. Here's the official word:
"This an update that's totally loooong overdue, people,.. I apologize for the tardiness but I just started an entirely new beginning of an existence previously destined to be cut short by the ravages of a hard life lived... "I'm back mother f***ers..!! I feel pretty amazing, although I have a very long way to go as far as being one thousand percent fully healed, but my doctors are completely stoked at my progress so far. This miracle of the modern medical process has literally bought me a second chance at living! "Now on to the real stars of the show: YOU! My family, friends and fans; you truly stole my heart and made me aware that love really does exist in this current climate of hatred because of someone's skin color, beliefs or personal identity, you people came to the rescue like nobody's business and we love you! To be honest,...we still need you! "Of major ultra special note is the New Orleans #IXLivesIXLives Mike IX benefit gigs. I was unable to attend any of the shows because of doctors orders, but word is that the entire weekend was the ultimate example of mass friendship, hope and care for one another in a time of need. Many many thanks to everybody involved, me and my beautiful rock star of a wife Michelle thank you from the bottoms of our filthy hearts! We were and still are, over-freaking-whelmed at the outpouring of support from all the wonderful humans out in this world, you maniacs have completely outdone yourselves. "I mean obviously there is no way to list you all individually so let's just say 'You know who you are', and as scatterbrained as I am, I have not forgotten to thank everyone at the Obsessed benefit in MD and the benefit in L.A... "Ok I'll wrap this up by stating that the battle rages on at the front lines and we're counting on everyone to keep spreading the word about this YouCaring site due to the sad fact that we are forever in debt and in need of help and donations for the aftermath. To quote an oft-repeated cliche; 'Not out of the woods yet', we are still in dire need of payments on prescription medicines, cardiac rehab, physical therapy, transportation, doctors visits, lab work and plain ol' past due hospital bills. You are all Southern Nihilism Front soljas. We live to fight another day and to damage more minds and corrupt the bastard system we didn't choose... "Eyehategod will return to the stage in 2017 to incite the class war..!"

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