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Propagandhi recording new album

Canadian punk/rock veterans Propagandhi have begun the recording process for their next album and follow-up to 2012's Failed States. The band is once again tracking at Private Ear Recording (Comeback Kid, KEN mode) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with work commencing yesterday (see the photo below), presumably under the supervision of engineer and producer John Paul Peters. A summer/fall release through Epitaph Records is expected.


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anonymous 3/7/2017 8:47:36 AM

nope. They lost me with the drumstick in the buttonhole photos. Pop punk must die

anonymous 3/7/2017 9:15:30 AM

First comment was a real dumb dumb...

anonymous 3/7/2017 9:20:41 AM

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anonymous 3/7/2017 9:50:14 AM

This band can do no wrong

anonymous 3/7/2017 4:47:03 PM

Stoked for the split record with legends CODE ORANGE!!!

anonymous 3/7/2017 5:39:14 PM


anonymous 3/7/2017 5:40:42 PM

fckin' excited!!!!!

anonymous 3/7/2017 7:19:23 PM

Jord got FAT! That being said, this news rules! Can't wait!

anonymous 3/8/2017 2:46:35 AM

These guys really went downhill after Glen Lambert left.

anonymous 3/8/2017 6:17:01 AM

If you look closely you can see Glen Lambert in the background of that picture...

anonymous 3/8/2017 9:20:20 PM

person in picture is boy or girl?

anonymous 3/9/2017 4:21:26 AM

not metal or hardcore music, this isn't a punk rock site

anonymous 3/9/2017 10:25:16 PM

Was so pumped for failed states after supporting caste. Failed states was terrible...

anonymous 3/10/2017 9:54:22 AM

That's Chris Hannah in the background of the photo, you window licker.

anonymous 3/15/2017 3:45:13 PM

Haha, the dude above me doesn't know as much about Propagandhi as he thinks he does...

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