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Bermuda announce new label, preview new song

Official press release: Extreme metal outfit Bermuda signed a worldwide deal with Urban Yeti Records and release their first sample of new music. They will release their follow up to 2015's Use Your Burdens this summer via Urban Yeti Records. Speaking about the forthcoming record, Bermuda's vocalist Corey Bennett states, "This record reflects the loss, frustration, and denial associated with losing a loved one amidst other tragedies. The end message is that you have to move on. We're looking forward to this new year and the new opportunities that come with it." Guitarist Noah Sias followed up by stating "Use Your Burdens was a transition for not only the band but fans as well. We took some risks and people responded to the record in a big way. Moving forward with Nepenthe, we're still taking some risks to keep things fresh but the focus still remains the same: Raw and loud. Nepenthe as a whole is a much darker experience than Use Your Burdens, focusing more on theme and variations lyrically and musically. It's a very cinematic experience end to end." Urban Yeti Records founder Mike Gevorgian commented on the recent signing stating, "I have to thank Tommy Vext of Westfield Massacre for introducing me to Corey and bringing the two of us together. I saw Bermuda play in the San Fernando Valley on a weekday night, the band put on a more energetic show than I could have ever expected." He continued, "The talent was undeniable and the bands drive is unbreakable. Now the work falls on us as a label to make sure the heavy music community hears these guys!" Their new album, titled Nepenthe, will be released this summer. Album pre-orders and a full track will be coming soon, but until then, the band has given a clip to show their fans what they can expect from the new record.
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