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Saved By Grace breaks up

Tuesday, October 07, 2003 9:29 PM PT

After nearly four years together, Missouri's Saved By Grace has called it quits. The group released a full-length with Recorse Records in 2001, but has suffered through a somewhat tumultuous existence in recent months. Things started to unravel for the group when Dustin left to join Hopesfall. At that point, the band was discussing a deal with Eulogy Recordings and had just kicked out their vocalist Mark, who was to be replaced with original vocalist Josh. Unfortunately, the Eulogy deal then fell through. The group subsequently decided to soldier on, quickly replacing Dustin with Jeremy Wilson, and beginning to write new material. They had also made a decision to find a new name, as Saved By Grace was already copyrighted, not to mention band members weren't particularly fond of the moniker. However, when drummer Jason Shrout quit the group last week, the remaining members decided to permanently retire the band and start a new project. The new band will feature Travis, Jeremy, and Jason D., in addition to new drummer Nathan Richardson (The Casket Lottery), and perhaps Josh on vocals. Saved In Grace hopes to play one final show, though the logistics have yet to be discussed.

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