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Bad Brains frontman undergoing brain surgery today

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 6:43 AM PT / 15,168 views

HR of Bad Brains Bad Brains vocalist H.R. (real name Paul Hudson) is scheduled to undergo brain surgery today in Philadelphia, PA to treat his painful SUNCT headaches. Here are some details recently provided regarding the procedure:
"HR will be undergoing a surgical procedure to treat his SUNCT headaches. The surgery is most often performed on people who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia, which causes pain in the cheek. HR's pain is over his eye, but it still involves a branch of the trigeminal nerve. This pain is described as being the most intense pain known to man, and is often referred to as "suicide syndrome". When medications and other treatments don't work, the last resort is surgery. "The idea is that the pain is caused by a blood vessel pressing into the trigeminal nerve. In microvascular decompression surgery, a small hole is drilled through the skull behind the ear. The surgeon then cuts through the protective membrane to expose the brain and trigeminal nerve, and inserts a tiny scope to locate the offending vessel. The purpose of the surgery is to insert a barrier between the nerve and the blood vessel to relieve the pressure. While there are risks, the surgery has a high success rate."
The recovery time for this procedure is roughly two months. For future updates, or to contribute money towards H.R.'s health fund, proceed here. UPDATE: According to the people behind the Paul "HR" Hudson documentary, his surgery "went well" and he is now in ICU. Additionally, his wife reports that he "looks good."

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