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If Hope Dies, Cannae, etc. tour

Tuesday, October 7, 2003 9:28 PM PT / 4,014 views
If Hope Dies are currently booking a winter tour with On Broken Wings, Cannae, and The Judas Cradle. If you can help with any of the dates, send an email here. The tentative routing is as follows: 12/27 New York, NY 12/28 New Jersey 12/29 Philadelphia, PA 12/30 Virginia Beach, Baltimore or D.C. 1/1 Birmingham, AL 1/2 Memphis, TN 1/3 Houston, TX 1/4 Austin, TX 1/6 Tucson or Phoenix, AZ 1/7 Los Angeles, CA 1/8 San Francisco, CA 1/9 Salinas, CA 1/10 Pomona, CA 1/11 San Diego, CA 1/13 Denver, CO 1/14 Omaha, NE 1/15 St Louis, MO 1/16 Nashville, TN 1/17 Columbia, SC 1/18 Winston-Salem, NC 1/19 Richmond, Virginia Beach, Baltimore or D.C.

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