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YOB: crowdfunding campaign launched for frontman

YOB frontman Mike Scheidt recently underwent emergency surgery for diverticulitis. While the surgery went well and Scheidt is insured, a GoFundMe campaign has been created to assist him with deductibles, co-pays, prescription medication, rent, bills, and lost wages. Here is the pitch:
Through his music, Mike Scheidt has brought joy, beauty, gravity, and catharsis to our lives. Whether you've swooned to a live YOB concert, blasted their albums during your morning commute, or use them as background music in yoga class, it's a personal connection to a man in touch with the cosmos. And if you've had the good fortune to know Mike personally, you have experienced his kindness and depth first hand. Mike is a humble man, and not one to ask for help. That made his recent hospitalization all the more dire, because he fought against the pain and resisted a sense of weakness. But after a certain point, the only intervention that could save his life was a painful and costly surgery that removed a part of his intestines. Mike was literally within hours of death. Miraculously, he is still with us. Luckily, Mike is insured. So, if all goes well, the vast medical bills (past and future—there is another surgery scheduled for mid-March) are not going to ruin him. However, as we all know, there are deductibles, co-pays, and prescriptions that add up. More to the point, there is rent, bills, and lost wages. At the moment, he needs to take time off while he recovers from the life-threatening illness Diverticulitis. We all want Mike to be healthy and happy. And we all want to hear another YOB record (or ten!). Chipping in now can help reduce the stress and burden so that Mike can recover at the best pace, and get back to making music that we all need. YOB is love. We love Mike. Thanks for your help.

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