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Eighteen Visions recording new album

Much of the metalcore world was fairly excited last night to learn that Eighteen Visions was reuniting this year, though the extent of said return was unknown. Notably, we've since learned that the band is recording a new album, their first LP since 2006, with producer and old Orange County comrade Mick Kenney (Bleeding Through, Motionless In White) of Anaal Nathrakh at the helm. Tracking has been taking place at The Barracks Recording Studio in Huntington Beach, CA.


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anonymous 2/9/2017 5:46:05 PM


anonymous 2/9/2017 5:46:40 PM


anonymous 2/9/2017 5:47:01 PM


xbumpx 2/9/2017 5:53:04 PM

old stuff or swim in diarrhea

anonymous 2/9/2017 6:39:43 PM

Eighteen Toilets

anonymous 2/9/2017 6:41:00 PM

John Jason whittle here . Rahhhhhhh Ahhhh yasaa

anonymous 2/9/2017 6:59:37 PM

Toilet Visions

anonymous 2/9/2017 7:06:24 PM

Too bad it's the c-ck-rock lineup. Guess James isn't making enough money at the salon

anonymous 2/9/2017 7:44:55 PM

I hope they do Until The Ink Runs Out/Vanity shit. If it's that weak ass Obsession/Self-Titled shit they can get outta here with that shit.

anonymous 2/9/2017 7:45:33 PM

is mick playing in this lineup?

anonymous 2/9/2017 7:50:14 PM

^ hehe

anonymous 2/9/2017 8:20:29 PM

in his new body yes

anonymous 2/10/2017 12:23:17 AM

The dudes name is rear?

anonymous 2/10/2017 1:13:44 AM


chicken_gang_bang 2/10/2017 1:26:45 AM

I want this to be awesome

anonymous 2/10/2017 1:46:57 AM

Maybe this will stop all these shitty bands like Renounced and Souls from playing Tower of Snakes

anonymous 2/10/2017 4:08:18 AM

Think we are gonna get some sikk Creed mosh for Jesus from these careercore vets. Too bad they didn't anounce this reunion before they were able to get on the Rock on the Range/Gathering of Juggalos bill. I'm busting out my guyliner as we speak!

anonymous 2/10/2017 4:46:25 AM

Front page of this site has Eighteen Visions, As I Lay Dying, Zao and Slipknot on it right now. What year is it?

anonymous 2/10/2017 5:11:36 AM

Just waiting on them to E-beg on Indiegogo.

anonymous 2/10/2017 5:39:32 AM

No c-ck rock...know your place dudes. That didn't work out. Obsession was awesome but could've been a little heavier. A whole album of Tower of Snakes type songs would be sweet. The rest of you turds know damn well they're not playing Until The Ink Runs Out/Vanity shit anymore.

anonymous 2/10/2017 5:42:50 AM

HASHTAG WHERE TF IS JAV? since the hip new trend these days is protesting and boycotting I'm boycotting this new album unless Jav is included

anonymous 2/10/2017 5:54:22 AM

Lennon "Dilbert" Livesay here checkout all my atrocious 1990's metalcore cover bands, we are bringing 1995 back (the year I was born). Also my zine is cooler than yours, suck it. Checkout my interviews with NEW bands like Chokehold, Strife, Arkangel and Morning Again. XVX4LIFE

anonymous 2/10/2017 6:06:14 AM

queen of metalcore here: i'll be out there @ the show wherever they play, hopefully cali taking only the best selfies and group pics that I can with my cool peeps. Catch me embarrassingly girl moshing during tower of snakes while eating a vegan donut :) - Becky J.

anonymous 2/10/2017 6:07:49 AM

ya'll savage

anonymous 2/10/2017 6:13:44 AM

anonymous1 hour ago Front page of this site has Eighteen Visions, As I Lay Dying, Zao and Slipknot on it right now. What year is it? permalink | report abuse ^ what exactly are you cucks into "these days"? Been going downhill since 2005, deathcore used to be "taboo"; old wounds new aids; djent get bent.

anonymous 2/10/2017 7:36:08 AM

alexa a. here! STFU becky everybody knows my mosh is the most embarrassing for reals lolz. Lets show all these new jack try hards how its done. This is OUR scene we OWN it lolz. Cashhhh ME outside and i'll make sure to call the cops on yo' bitch asses.

anonymous 2/10/2017 7:38:32 AM

wait I mean, fck cops, yea that's right! fck da police. They are ruining our scene along with these NEW jacks. We've been running sh*t since 2010

anonymous 2/10/2017 8:07:08 AM

Joe Hardcore here. Hey James, I know I made fun of EDM deaths not too long ago but I was hoping since you have an in with EDM kids due to your sparkling hair dressing career, if you could get them off my back. I am finally apologizing for my stupid remarks. Also, what are you doing this Summer? This Is Hardcore could use some Fashioncore if you know what i'm saying. Hit up Chris X on the twitter and we'll figure this all out.

iwilladapt 2/10/2017 9:24:48 AM

Excited for new material.

anonymous 2/10/2017 10:18:18 AM

Jame Shart is pissed the Tim Lambesis news dropped at the same time and pushed the 18V reunion to page 2

anonymous 2/10/2017 11:38:38 AM

Their debut was pretty decent. But I recorded their first demo. I was one the first ones to find them. I still have the email: "We love you LK. It is always a pleasure to be in your company and your beautiful studio" I was the first to find them.

anonymous 2/10/2017 12:17:15 PM

Suffer Well was the best thing 18V/BT did since they stopped being good. Expectations are high for the new 18V. What are the odds it sounds EXACTLY like the new LOA? tch?v=jeDAcrNCfGg

anonymous 2/10/2017 1:10:18 PM

highly recommend Sergeant D's write-up about the history of 18V its still archived at metalsucks dot com so fcking funny

anonymous 2/11/2017 2:25:40 PM

I'd even be stoked if this sounded like Vanity, but after Obsession they were just unlistenable

anonymous 2/13/2017 6:33:49 AM

NO cl*t IN THE PIT!!! you scene hogs want to hang with the core kids and then piss and menstruate when your coin purse gets split... stay off of the dancefloor and hold ya boyfriends merch while he "dances"...

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