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Nails, Criminal Instinct, Human Garbage mini-tour

Nails, Criminal Instinct, and Human Garbage will team up for Texas shows in June. Dates include: 6/23 Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall 6/24 Dallas, TX @ Club Dada 6/25 Austin, TX @ Barracuda


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anonymous 2/6/2017 1:31:47 PM

Did Todd Jones call these bands personally and say "Yea we need openers so all things considered I guess you can be one of us." ?

anonymous 2/6/2017 3:37:50 PM

Hahaha. Did Todd pick those bands or what? Human Garbage with Criminal instinct usually equates to final a Nail in their coffin. Give up, dudes. Your 15 minutes of fame are long gone.

truthstar 2/6/2017 3:51:47 PM

NAILS...for kids who believe power violence and thrash are new genres of music.

anonymous 2/7/2017 1:14:29 AM

^ Nailed it.

anonymous 2/7/2017 5:32:30 AM

^^ 2 comments up really hit the nail on the head

anonymous 2/7/2017 8:56:06 AM

the amount of cry-babies from Texas talking about human garbage on twitter is actually crazy. for a state that prides itself on being independent and strong, it's pretty fcking funny.

anonymous 2/7/2017 10:24:31 AM

You webby sometime accidentally added the word "human " to the headline. I think they meant garbage tour

anonymous 2/7/2017 11:56:06 AM

^incorrect. Garbage is not on this.

anonymous 2/7/2017 12:37:30 PM

Survival Method here....Is there any chance we can open with a one song set? Will gladly give a heartfelt apology first.

anonymous 2/8/2017 9:12:29 AM

vanflip no care ever. with todd's 5k guarantee will any other bands play?

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