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Counterparts set to record new album

Counterparts will enter the studio this month to begin pre-production for their fifth album, and follow-up to Tragedy Will Find Us (2015). Work will commence in five days at Graphic Nature Audio in New Jersey with producer and engineer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, Stray From The Path), with official tracking slated to begin this spring. A fall release via Pure Noise Records is expected.


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anonymous 2/1/2017 10:05:33 AM

Do people actually listen to this band?

anonymous 2/1/2017 10:30:44 AM

^ Yes people do, and most of them look like you and dress alike.

anonymous 2/1/2017 11:25:18 AM

"With everything that's going on in the world today (racism, homophobia, sexism) (((we))) felt obligated to speak up. (((We))) can't afford to stay silent."

anonymous 2/1/2017 11:38:15 AM

this band rules haters will hate

cgrind3000 2/1/2017 11:55:25 AM

Been down with them since day one but this record is probably going to be a turning point for them for better or for worse

anonymous 2/1/2017 1:10:40 PM

safespace hardcore

anonymous 2/1/2017 2:46:54 PM

Stu Ross here, glad to see Stu Ross finally sharing the canadian HXC/MXC spot light. Im getting too old for this shit!!

anonymous 2/1/2017 3:15:39 PM

Boring as shit.

anonymous 2/1/2017 4:20:22 PM

this band sucks farters will fart

anonymous 2/2/2017 5:48:57 AM

It's going to be hard to top last album, especially with Jesse out of the picture.

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