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Prosthetic Records signs Livid

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 9:05 AM PT

Official press release:

Prosthetic Records have added experimental doom band, Livid, to their ever growing roster. Formed in 2014 by Cole, Tim and Chad, the band released their two song demo, "Sint," the following year. Slow, heavy and haunting, Doomed and Stoned described "Sint" as having "all the right ingredients in place to make a great doom experience: ultra-low-tuned fuzz, rich, full-bodied bass, sweeping guitar riffs a-la-Sleep, epic vocals. It's all there."

Livid recently added a fourth member to the group, Swen, a person they enjoyed and respected musically, to balance out the sound and make a stronger impact on the stage. The quartet entered Ecstattic Studio in Minneapolis, MN with Ali Jaafar throughout September and December of 2016 to record their debut full-length album due out this Spring.

The band comments, "Ali recorded our demo and we are very happy with how that turned out so we decided to keep with him as he knew what sound we were trying to obtain. The album comes to 45 minutes which can be a little difficult because at practice we can end up playing a single riff for nearly an hour."

More information on the album will be made available soon.

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