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Affiance goes on indefinite hiatus

After roughly a decade together, Cleveland, OH metal band Affiance will be disbanding, perhaps for good. The group has issued the following statement:
"Forming in 2007, Affiance is now a decade old. As many of you know, we have always given our absolute all to this band and our fans. From following Warped Tour to promote and sell cd's, to crowdfunding for a van and EP, our DIY ethos and the dedication of our fans have been the foundation and driving force that kept us going for years. Unfortunately, we have reached a point as a band and in our lives where the amount of sacrifice and dedication to Affiance is no longer sustainable. Each of us have suffered physical, mental, and financial burdens past a reasonable threshold. Our dream was to see this prosper till we were old and grey and make a living from our craft, but it seems that was never in the cards for us. This industry requires a little bit of talent, a lot of luck, and mostly political favor. Hard work and talent will give you a better shot at getting lucky, but most of you know that luck is something Affiance was always short of haha. I'll cut to the chase..." "It is with great sadness and regret, as well as tears in my eyes, that Affiance is going on an indefinite hiatus. We will be trying to put together farewell shows in late spring, and we may occasionally put out content, but the touring days of this band are over after our 'goodbyeance to Affiance' shows. Some of us might move on from pursuing music as a career, and some might keep grinding in other opportunities. Either way, we will keep you all posted on anything we or the individual members of this band are doing. "This last part is the hardest. I feel like we let you down. We sing songs of perseverance and fighting the good fight, but here we are throwing in the towel. In an ideal world we would do this forever, but the world we are in is certainly not ideal and we cannot keep neglecting ourselves for the sake of our band. The truth is none of what we have done would have been possible without our die hard fans. You literally kept our dreams alive the entire time. Touring with bands like Killswitch Engage and Protest The Hero, playing in Europe and South Africa, charting on Billboard independently, being in a video game, on a tv show, being set on FUCKING FIRE.... All of it was because of you. For that we are eternally grateful. We only hope that you will continue to support us in whatever endeavors each of us pursue. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so very much. We love you."


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anonymous 1/13/2017 10:13:00 AM

". From following Warped Tour to promote and sell cd's, to crowdfunding for a van and EP, our DIY ethos " ..... DIY - Do It Yourself ..... with the help others and stacks of free money .

anonymous 1/13/2017 10:15:14 AM


anonymous 1/13/2017 11:59:36 AM

^^^^ couldn't have summed it up any better.

anonymous 1/13/2017 12:04:31 PM

Huge keyboard warriors typing abuse as usual. .show us your bodies then overweight trolls

anonymous 1/13/2017 12:27:21 PM

The music occasionally encountered elements of the modern post-hardcore.

anonymous 1/13/2017 12:38:43 PM

members were all almost 40 when this band started

anonymous 1/13/2017 12:39:37 PM

May have been upset if I knew who the hell they were.

anonymous 1/13/2017 12:45:45 PM

Looks like a band member is reading and commenting on the story. Calm down snowflake

anonymous 1/13/2017 12:49:55 PM

Look out fellas, that dude wants to see your bodies

anonymous 1/13/2017 12:53:37 PM

Great start to the weekend!! They won't be missed

anonymous 1/13/2017 2:02:59 PM

says they never got any opportunities, also mentions touring with killswitch engage. Wah wah wah

anonymous 1/13/2017 2:17:50 PM

Just think how mad that troglodyte singer must be reading these comments ??

anonymous 1/13/2017 2:27:57 PM

Wow. Crybaby bitches in that band. Crowdfunded tours and albums? Get a f*ing job, kooks. Wait… if they've been a band for *barely* 10 years, I would guess the members are around 26 - 28 years old right now. Hahahah Welcome to the real world, turds. I hear Wal-mart calling.

anonymous 1/13/2017 2:30:31 PM

Ehh, they probably voted for Trump anyhow. Like the fella above me typed, "they won't be missed."

anonymous 1/13/2017 2:46:20 PM

How tf was it crying? The statement was intended to praise our fand nothing but praise with honesty about the industry.

anonymous 1/13/2017 3:02:49 PM

Crowdfunding is literally the opposite of DIY.

anonymous 1/13/2017 3:23:33 PM

these guys are so full of themselves. everytime I saw them...."so who saw us open for killswitch?" crickets doors opened 10 min after they played lol

anonymous 1/13/2017 8:22:45 PM

try crowdfunding a mortgage you fruity mcfruits

anonymous 1/13/2017 11:11:14 PM

Hey I'm the guitarist in affiance now suck it dck monkies.

anonymous 1/14/2017 4:36:23 AM

the west side of cleveland is full of the lamest people

anonymous 1/14/2017 6:35:05 AM

Not only are you not DIY, in reality, you spent a decade playing the "music biz" game and have nothing to show for it. Industry ass-kissers who can't write a song to save their lives. The entire city of Austin. TX hates your guts. Remember when you toured with that band from Austin and all you did was argue and fight with them the whole time? You wouldn't even go inside the venue in Reno. Trust me, we're all better off without Affiance.

anonymous 1/14/2017 6:58:29 AM

This band complained for the ENTIRETY of their shitty existence that the music industry was "all politics" and that's why they weren't able to make a career out of their music. Just refusing the whole time to believe the obvious truth: Their music didn't appeal to a lot of people. Case closed, game over.

anonymous 1/14/2017 12:22:19 PM

What are some cool bands to check out guys?

anonymous 1/14/2017 7:17:57 PM

What are some cool bands to check out guys? Counting Crows Barenaked Ladies

anonymous 1/14/2017 9:18:22 PM

fckin sweet mate thanks so much i will look into them man!

anonymous 1/14/2017 9:31:34 PM

those bands were a pile of shit, everyone ^^ don't check them out, i feel like this mate was sarcastic!

anonymous 1/14/2017 9:32:21 PM

not much of a mate after all

anonymous 1/15/2017 6:16:17 AM

Yeah, people who try are the worst. Too bad they aren't cool guys like you hiding behind computer screens in your moms basements. Your band would be awesome, right? If only you didn't have to try to get your big ass up your mom's basement stairs. If only....

anonymous 1/15/2017 7:42:39 AM

http://www.themoaningnews. s/2/004/008/300/852/images /4588075751_488x284.png They gonna get us!

anonymous 1/16/2017 6:15:25 AM

lol butt hurt band members are NOT stoked

anonymous 1/16/2017 6:40:48 AM

about damn time

anonymous 1/17/2017 5:21:30 PM

the guitarist is a mongoloid

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