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Suburban Scum frontman quits, band goes on hiatus

Monday, January 9, 2017 8:28 AM PT / 23,975 views
After ten years together, the future of New Jersey hardcore band Suburban Scum is in doubt. Last night frontman Ryan "Karebear" Taylor issued this statement:
"It brings me great sadness that I have to say this. I never expected this band to do anything and we were able to very literally tour the world from scratch. It's insane how much time has went by and the things we were able to do, see, and the people we were able to meet along the way. Something that will be embedded in our lives forever. I'd be lying if I said it hasn't felt the same for me in recent shows we've played. A certain sense of community I once felt that surrounded the band feels like it's starting to slip. There's too many people to thank that I could go on for days. So many people who've helped us along the way. I'd mainly like to thank my band for putting up with me. They are the talent. Today we had a show in Trenton and I showed up and the second I got there my heart started racing. I didn't feel right and this band is something I found solitude in. I had a panic attack and left the show to go back home without a word being said to anyone but my guitarist. I didn't feel right and im sorry to anyone who was let down by that or my actions this evening, or in the past, I take complete fault in that. The band carried on and played without me which is badass. This is something im very proud of and I thank anyone at all tor ever giving a shit. Maybe we'll see you some other time but at this point in time, that isn't promised. Thanks. 2007-2017"
Shortly thereafter, the band put forth this:
"The amount of love this band has received since our inception is astonishing to us. We've played the smallest basements to very large stages all across the world. We extend our sincerest gratitude to anyone who's chose to support us over the years because without you, we wouldn't have been able to cover as much ground as we did. To the bands, the promoters, and most importantly, the kids, we thank you. It brings us great sadness to say that we are unsure of our future as a band. Right now, the time just isn't right. Whether we play again is uncertain and it hurts to say that, but sometimes the truth hurts. It's been a wild decade people. Hope to see you around.

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