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Of Mice & Men issue statement on frontman's exit

Of Mice & Men has put forth the following statement regarding the departure of frontman Austin Carlile:
"It's with heavy hearts that we announce Austin's departure from the band for reasons pertaining to his health. As many of you are aware, Austin suffers from a rare connective tissue disorder called Marfan syndrome and has been struggling with the physical demands of touring since the band began. "After his most recent series of surgeries at Stanford University Hospital, following the cancellation of our European headlining tour, his team of doctors informed him of the damage that performing, and more specifically his aggressive vocals, have been causing his body. They warned that if he were to continue on doing so, it would cause permanent and irrevocable damage to his spine and nervous system. "Following the advice from his team of specialists, Austin decided it best that he step away from the band and change his lifestyle to better his health. Though we're heartbroken that he can no longer continue, his health has always been of utmost importance to us and we support him now in this decision and are proud of his perseverance over the years. "We've had an amazing and unforgettable past few years making music and touring the world together and the 4 of us look forward to sharing the next chapter of the band's story with you. All previously announced shows will proceed as planned and we thank you for your continued love and support. We couldn't do this without all of you! See you real soon."

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anonymous 12/31/2016 10:19:26 AM

Get the life of agony guy!

Ineedmoresalt 12/31/2016 10:42:37 AM

^ Not sure if he still has the balls for it

anonymous 12/31/2016 2:42:28 PM

dude WILL start up another band before 2017 ends

anonymous 12/31/2016 3:47:59 PM

Imagine a member leaving this band. "The former Of Mice & Men singer is starting a new band called A Catcher In the Rye. As the new A Catcher In the Rye singer he plans to step out of the shadows of his former band, Of Mice & Men."

anonymous 12/31/2016 4:07:05 PM

I say this band will be mostly inactive and just keep everyone in suspense with little whispers here and there and then 18 months from now Carlile is magically "cleared" and then they launch another come back just like they did when Austin left and came back the first time. Gives them a good rest, reset and launching point to get away from this terrible, dated wanna be Nu Metal piece they just released. You heard it here first on LambFart.

anonymous 12/31/2016 4:08:29 PM

So, the fat stupid bass player will now front this sinking ship?

anonymous 12/31/2016 8:32:48 PM

Lmao back from the dead never feelin lighter xD srj tmkn- sod fame and well it true I caught up with aspin CAROOL at his beach front home- Costa Rica. We chatted about marzipan syndrome and how the surf in armna compares to Costa Rica surf! Needless to say SHAVO carved up some waves and well den Mlkn sang "mine lonely days" for a couple natives!

anonymous 12/31/2016 9:06:41 PM

"Sporting a cool new blue jacket, srj tmkn-sod fame and the recently deceased aspin CAROOL serve up laughs and talk shop in this issue- sod magazine" Lmao jus playin it's the boys SHAVO and den here! Kickin back in the Suns rays Costa Rican babay! Keep the good vibes on my payroll baby! XD

anonymous 1/1/2017 7:05:00 AM

Heavy hearts? More like heavy farts.

anonymous 1/1/2017 5:28:17 PM

At least this statement isn't in all caps.

anonymous 1/1/2017 9:02:16 PM


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