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Ed Gein premiere new song, set to release EP

It's been roughly five years since we last heard from Syracuse, NY band Ed Gein. However, the group will release a new 7" titled Smoked next week via Hex Records. "Tarrare," a new track from the outing can be streamed below via Clrvynt. Additionally, Ed Gein will also play Hex Fest at The Warehouse in their hometown on December 31 along with Achilles, Bleak, and more.


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anonymous 12/19/2016 11:57:03 AM

No idea how these guys still exist.

anonymous 12/19/2016 12:01:38 PM

band has always ruled. fck y'all, talk your shit. pre-ordered this 7" twice already.

anonymous 12/19/2016 12:39:14 PM


anonymous 12/19/2016 1:04:35 PM

Wow. That sucked.

anonymous 12/19/2016 1:15:21 PM

fùcking stoked

chicken_gang_bang 12/19/2016 1:24:51 PM

I was excited until I listened

anonymous 12/19/2016 1:50:37 PM

This is the same band that made "It's a shame that a family can be torn apart by something as simple as a pack of wild dogs?"

xbumpx 12/19/2016 2:11:01 PM

Sounds like Dead To Fall

anonymous 12/19/2016 2:46:49 PM

2006 myspace top friends and the Banner are stoked. jk, literally no one asked for this

anonymous 12/19/2016 3:03:15 PM

This band is pretty strong, but I don't see them being able to beat Alabama in the Peach Bowl.

anonymous 12/19/2016 3:09:09 PM

what a change of sound....definitely getting a 2006 myspace vibe. On my way to the vfw to see them....

anonymous 12/19/2016 4:28:43 PM

Wowee! This sure does suck. fck you syracuse!

anonymous 12/19/2016 4:51:17 PM

Christ that was bad... Don't get me excited like that.

anonymous 12/19/2016 5:33:40 PM

Love these guys but... this song... is not good?

anonymous 12/19/2016 5:46:40 PM

This band somehow went backwards in 10 years. Is it the same dudes? How could they have such a tech sound and then turn into sounding like some 2005 era local band?

anonymous 12/19/2016 6:16:19 PM

Sounds like their balls were torn apart by a pack of wild dogs.

anonymous 12/19/2016 6:32:55 PM

Ed Toilet

anonymous 12/19/2016 7:00:07 PM

Lmao this does sound like drad to fall

anonymous 12/19/2016 9:40:42 PM

never heard of them but this is alright

anonymous 12/19/2016 11:04:28 PM

How can a band get to the end of the writing process and think to themselves, "We should actually record and release this for people to actually listen to........" Some bands come back strong while others come back and do this shit. This is why people have trust issues in "reunions" or "comebacks".

anonymous 12/20/2016 6:12:22 AM

This is the same band that made "It's a shame that a family can be torn apart by something as simple as a pack of wild dogs?" yes it is, they are becoming domesticated by working nine to five jobs -losing their angst.

anonymous 12/20/2016 8:32:46 AM


anonymous 12/20/2016 9:21:32 AM

Rob from Metal Injection is stoked

anonymous 12/20/2016 9:22:08 AM

Breather resist is stoked

anonymous 12/20/2016 9:22:34 AM

From a second story window is stoked

anonymous 12/20/2016 11:15:44 AM

I fcking love this band, I am stoked that they are still putting out shit!

anonymous 12/20/2016 11:22:29 AM

This is embarrassingly bad but i'm sure hardcore kids who hate hardcore love it.

anonymous 12/20/2016 1:52:36 PM

WAH WAHH WAH :*( I'd rather die than hear another one of your manufactured bullshit 'so-and-so is stoked' comments.

anonymous 12/20/2016 2:00:57 PM

Call me when there's an August Prophecy reunion.

anonymous 12/20/2016 3:14:12 PM

Edward Gein should be on this

anonymous 12/20/2016 9:21:59 PM

Band is totally fruit on the side.

anonymous 12/20/2016 10:16:58 PM

one of the only bands that matters. you dickheads keep your chugcore horseshit, and your prog wankery. you wouldn't know good taste if it was in your mouth.

anonymous 12/21/2016 7:07:52 AM

Call me when there's an August Prophecy reunion.<--- you are a funny one, young Skywalker....

anonymous 12/21/2016 3:47:19 PM

Sounded like he said build a bear in the beginning

anonymous 12/21/2016 4:41:09 PM

Call me when there's an August Prophecy reunion. <--- written by one of the August Prophecy band members.

anonymous 12/23/2016 3:45:34 PM

wonder why these guys got so hellbent about the truck head guys

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