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King 810 booted from Chicago show due to 'violent imagery'

King 810 had been scheduled to perform at Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL on December 18, however the show's promoter has cancelled the event due to the "band's excessive use of guns and violent imagery." King 810 was informed of the matter via an email from the promoter, which reads as follows:
"We have been receiving phone calls from people in the neighborhood asking why the show is being allowed to happen at Thalia. Specifically they are sighting the band's excessive use of guns and violent imagery. We are ending 2016 with the highest rate of gun violence in Chicago's history and people are particularly sensitive. Defending the show, in the current environment, is becoming more and more difficult. We would like to cancel the event. It does not seem wise to move forward consdering the current state of the neighborhood and our position in the community. We do not take cancellations lightly and I can assure you that we have considered all options. We are confident that this is the best route to take."

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