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Eyehategod fans donate $57,000 to ailing vocalist

Thursday, November 24, 2016 6:43 AM PT / 6,238 views

Less than a week after crowdfunding campaign was launched to benefit ailing Eyehategod frontman Mike Williams, its original $50,000 goal has been surpassed. Thus far, more than 1,800 donors have contributed nearly $57,000 to assist with Williams' mounting medical bills as he awaits a liver transplant. Speaking on the success of the campaign, Williams' wife Michelle had this to say yesterday:
"I've just been so overcome by the extreme show of support that it's been hard for me to find my words. 'Thank you' doesn't seem nearly powerful enough to convey my gratitude. How do I give thanks to you for potentially extending my husband's life and giving us the chance to spend many more years together? The best that I can do is to promise to continue fighting for Michael. To be there to encourage, support and protect him, and to be open and honest with all of you along the way. "When I first started this page, my main focus was to set a goal that would secure Mike's spot on the transplant list. I'd hoped to reach that goal in a few weeks, then I'd worry about raising the goal amount later to include his hospital stay, surgery and aftercare. Never in my wildest aspirations did I imagine that we'd make the initial goal in a mere 2 1/2 days! His insurance deductible is now covered along with some of his outstanding hospital bills. You guys are beasts! I'm so grateful and proud to call you family. "Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I will be spending it in a hospital room eating hospital turkey. Despite that, it's going to be the greatest Thanksgiving ever, because I'll be spending it with my best friend and a whole lotta hope. So when it's time for me to give my thanks, you'll probably feel your ears burning. Take the time, not just tomorrow, but every day, to tell those who matter to you why you're thankful for them. You never know when your time will expire. Carpe diem!"

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