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Scale The Summit ousts drummer, bassist over pay

Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:22 AM PT

Scale The Summit has parted ways with both bassist Mark Michell and drummer J.C. Bryant as a result of recent changes to the band's payment structure. While a new bass player has yet to be announced, drummer Charlie Engen has subsequently joined the band. Scale The Summit mastermind Chris Letchford explained the situation last night:

"Just wanted to clear up a few things about the lineup on the new record as I was hoping to announce with a new tune for you guys. At the end of the last tour, the guys decided to implement an employee model into the band's structure. When we started making plans for the new record, the fees that they were requiring to play was more than I can afford. Scale The Summit is simply not in the position to guarantee a set pay for anything and everything we do. As most of you know with being a touring musician most of our income is based around chance, but I'm still here doing what I love as I knew what I was getting into it when I started band.

"From day one this band has been my life and will continue to be. I have written all the guitars for the last 3 albums. It's my baby and will continue to carry on as such and I'm super stoked for the new STS record!

"On a positive note, I would like to announce my new drummer Charlie Engen! He is an incredible drummer as you'll see in this video that was inspired by the return of The Walking Dead... I cant wait to announce the new bassist as well, coming soon.

"I'm confident that 2017 will be the best year for STS and I cant wait to share the new music with you guys and see you out of the road!"

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