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Rotting Out singer reportedly faces deportation upon release

Terror has shared (via Facebook) a statement from Bane vocalist Aaron Bedard regarding the plight of incarcerated Rotting Out frontman Walter Delgado. According to Bedard, Delgado might face deportation upon release from prison. As such, a campaign has been launched to gather positive testimonials on behalf of Delgado in an effort to influence immigration officials' decision making process. Here's what Bedard had to say:
"This is my friend Wally Edge Delgado. He is more than just a member or some bands I really loved, more than just a kid who wrote lyrics for, and sang on a song that my own band wrote. He is someone I look up to and have turned to when times get dark. "As many of you already know, earlier this year Wally fucked up in a really big way and has been sent to prison for 18 months to pay for that mistake. I have zero interest in discussing my, or any of your opinions regarding that in a forum as pointless as this one. "What I am interested in, is that after Walter has served his 18 months he very possibly will be facing deportation from the United States. A movement has been started that is gathering as many voices as possible to speak out on his behalf. To email the immigration judge and share testimonials insisting that Wally is so much more than the crime he has committed. If you have a story to share about a way that Wally or ROTTING OUT or MINORITY UNIT has impacted your life, no matter what it is. Please, sit down, write it out and email it to: It will take you 3 minutes. "The hope is to flood this judges inbox with testimonials regarding the very many ways that Walter had created more good than he did harm with his life. If you know him than you know that there is no questioning that. If you know him I am asking you to please come forward and help. Pass this email along to anyone who you think will do the same. We need to create a real storm here. Spread the word."

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