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Modern Life Is War writing new record

John Eich, guitarist of Iowa hardcore punk band Modern Life Is War, recently sat down to record an episode of the Pants OFF! Podcast to discuss, among many other things, what's going on with MLIW. Amidst the conversation, Eich revealed that the band has been writing material for a new record. Here's the official word:
"Yeah, we're trying to [write]. We all met up the first weekend of August. Chris [Honeck] lives in Arizona and Matt [Hoffman] lives in Los Angeles, so it's kind of hard to write. We wrote a lot of 'Fever Hunting' through Skype and sending emails of riffs and stuff, but it's just a hard way to do things, so we flew those two guys in and we all got down here in the basement and just started working on songs and wrote... we got a good start on three songs. Two are kind of done without vocals, and the third we started on too. Basically, the goal is to try to do a full-length, if possible. I guess it depends on how things keep going. That weekend that we play with Descendents those guys are coming back and we're going to come back down here and work for a couple more days after that. There's no solid plans to record or anything just yet."
You can listen to the entire episode below.

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