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Racetraitor release new music, announce reunion show

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 11:22 AM PT

Chicago, IL straight edge hardcore band Racetraitor has been back in action as of late. As you may or may not recall, the group broke up in 1999 and its members went on to play in Fall Out Boy, Creation Is Crucifixion, and Arma Angeleus, among others. Today, the band released two tracks, a new song called "By The Time I Get To Pennsylvania" along with a new recording of an early demo, "Damaged."

Additionally, Racetraitor will play a show on Saturday, October 22 at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL.

Reuniting the band's "classic" lineup of vocalist Mani Mostofi, drummer Andy Hurley, guitarists Dan Binaei and Eric Bartholomae, and bassist Brent Decker, the songs receive release online and on flexi disc via Organized Crime Records.

"We had discussed playing a show or doing something else over the years, but nostalgia was never all that motivating, so the idea died," explains Hurley. "But with everything happening in the past couple of years, from the way things heated up in Ferguson, Missouri, to the rise in xenophobia and bigotry reflected by the popularity of Donald Trump, making new music with Racetraitor felt important again. We needed to respond to this moment in history in our own way."

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