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Sumac to release remix EP

Official press release: Following the release of their acclaimed album What One Becomes earlier this year, Sumac will be releasing Before You I Appear, a limited 12" EP featuring nearly 30 minutes of What One Becomes remixes featuring tracks reconfigured by the likes of Samuel Kerridge, Bleed Turquoise (aka James Ginzburg of Emptyset), Kevin Drumm and Japan's Endon. The results range from impossibly dense and perpetually ascending psych-noise blowouts, to subdued passages of subtly curdled drones punctuated by disembodied vocal excretions. In composing music, Sumac opts for a process of simultaneous construction and dismantlement. Long-form rock based structures are distended to the point of erosion, reiterated in continually alternating sequences, and plied with extra-musical implements of chaos and tonal abstraction. Through the practice of psychophysical exertion and sensorial disorientation the music becomes a tangible projection of the players underlying emotions and spirit. Though stylistically differentiated from the source material, all four tracks on Before You I Appear possess a parallel predilection for combining combustable atmospherics and emotionally penetrative musical maneuvers. Track listing: 1. Rigid Oblivion (Samuel Kerridge Remix) 2. Clutch of Oblivion (Bleed Turquoise Remix) 3. Image of Control (Tokyodionysis Remix by Endon) 4. Rigid Man in Vain (Kevin Drumm Remix)
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