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The All Stars Tour set to return

For the first time since its launch in 2011, there was no The All Stars Tour over the summer. While no information was issued at the time, organizers have now put forth a statement in which they say the tour will soon return. Interestingly, the trek will apparently run over the winter. Here's the latest:
"Alright, people. Summer is over. We had to take a break this year because it was just way too hot and crowded out there, but we are coming back in the winter at the top of 2017 and it's going to be about the new era. Get ready for an announcement soon."


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anonymous 9/15/2016 12:56:45 PM

OH SHIT an announcement announcing an upcoming announcement. fcking yawn.

anonymous 9/15/2016 1:08:49 PM

NAILS headline ending hiatus or get bent

anonymous 9/15/2016 1:12:19 PM

I hope Dillinger is on this. That would be sick Where can I get more information? Maybe Mike Patton will join Dillinger again.

anonymous 9/15/2016 1:19:40 PM

So.. I usually don't like Core.. went to the "All Stars Tour 2015" in erie becouse of a friend, got drunk and woke up the next day wearing an I See Stars "Make Them Suffer" band shirt.. so I looked em up. I like and hate it all at the same time, this makes me confused.

anonymous 9/15/2016 1:20:03 PM

oh god

anonymous 9/15/2016 1:26:36 PM

Cringe worthy, unbelievable & pointless article.

anonymous 9/15/2016 1:41:24 PM

The all-stars bands to qualify have to crack top 100 billboard charts with at least one album. In the past it's been badass, these all-star bands have the sickest breakdowns

anonymous 9/15/2016 1:44:30 PM

Scene kids with colored hair are stoked

anonymous 9/15/2016 1:46:40 PM

the Sumerian records tour is pretty much the all stars tour

anonymous 9/15/2016 2:19:24 PM

^not anymore it ain't "it's going to be about the new era." I have a cousin in the industry. Nu metal/rap metal w/breakdowns is the thing right now, so far Sylar, Cane Hill, Islander, Gift Giver, Fire From The Gods are on this.

anonymous 9/15/2016 2:33:07 PM

Emmure,Acacia strain and fit for an autopsy I know are 100% confirmed

anonymous 9/15/2016 5:28:40 PM

^ and BOO

anonymous 9/15/2016 5:32:40 PM

Sons of Texas, Beyonder, Of Grand Design, and Vilamoura all on this. Any razor & tie would be great. Listen to 'Baptized In the Rio Grande' by Sons of Texas, good luck getting it pout of your head. And I"m not even from Texas..

anonymous 9/15/2016 5:58:15 PM

I'm gay.

anonymous 9/15/2016 7:32:40 PM

Lol @ this joke of a festivals promoters on here trying to act like good bands are on this. This is not news for Lambgoat.

anonymous 9/15/2016 9:19:58 PM

Lol people commenting are seriously excited about this have fun at prom your life is over after this

anonymous 9/16/2016 5:29:37 AM

kids who still wear Osiris shoes and tight Hot Topic shirts are stoked

anonymous 9/16/2016 6:51:46 AM

^ they wear strap back dad hats over long hair with open flannels over tees now

anonymous 9/16/2016 7:34:09 AM

Sounds like a step in the right direction ^

anonymous 9/16/2016 4:53:26 PM

"^ they wear strap back dad hats over long hair with open flannels over tees now" Ya'll didn't notice the 90's revival happening literally everywhere?

anonymous 9/17/2016 1:52:04 AM

^ apparently the "new era" is a familiar one

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