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Yob seeks help for ex-drummer dealing with mental illness

Yob has put out word that former drummer Gabe Morley is in dire need of financial assistance. Here's a statement from the band:
"Gabe Morley, as you may know, was the drummer of YOB from 1999 to 2002 and played on both Elaborations Of Carbon and Catharsis. Gabe struggles with severe mental illness (depression, bipolar, chronic anxiety, severe PTSD) but has managed to get by and make the best of things. Last year he lost his job and apartment. After a nervous breakdown, he was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility. Since then he has been in and out of the hospital, sleeping on friend's couches, doing whatever he can to survive. The outpatient program he's been in concluded a couple weeks ago, and Gabe is now looking at being on the street. The hope here is to get Gabe some funds to survive on while he's on a waiting list for more outpatient care, and housing support. He's a good dude, loyal friend, and a celebrated musician who needs some good energy and support sent his way so he can get back on his feet. Give if you can. His PayPal is Thank you."

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