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Take Over And Destroy announce new album, premiere song

Saturday, August 6, 2016 9:31 AM PT

Official press release:

With a penchant for horror and classic rock, Arizona quartet Take Over And Destroy have propelled the boundaries with the 10 tracks featured on their debut Prosthetic Records self-titled release due October 7. Merging their eerie post-punk atmospherics with a blackened rock'n'roll twist, the band's signature sound is completed by heavy deathrock, classic rock, doom and black metal influences scattered throughout each track.

Take Over And Destroy commented, "Our idea behind this album is that each song is crafted as a single and curated into a collection. From early Beatles singles collections, to Misfits & Black Flag collections. Each song is its own entity, but is part of a unified design. To accompany the album we wanted the visual elements to portray the same concept. A collage of individual images converge together to form a whole". The band continue to reveal, "The album includes a double sided cover, with collages on both sides of the packaging. Another dimension presents itself by turning the covers upside down; a new image emerges."

Track listing:

01. By Knife
02. Leave the Door
03. Let Me Grieve
04. Separate From the Shadows
05. Out of Frame
06. Red Ink
07. Job Coffins
08. Love Among the Ruins
09. Bring Me the Rope
10. Night Work Begins

Honing in on their cinematic inspirations, the quartet have showcased the album's debut single, "By Knife," with an unnerving, found footage shot music video. "The video tells a story of a young couple in love", the band informs us, "They are at their usual spot along the river having a romantic picnic date. What they don't know is that they're not alone. Those familiar with famous murders of the 60's and 70's may notice correlations with a certain unidentified astrological killer in both the video and music.Although the video takes place in a nonspecific time era, we do know that there's someone out there who is quite handy with a VHS camcorder. Just remember... life's not always a picnic."

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