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Brain Tentacles announce new album, premiere song

Official press release: The self-titled debut album from mind-melting metallic jazz trio Brain Tentacles is a journey in improvised and structured experimental sound from three venerable scene veterans. Featuring Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest, Corrections House etc.) on horns, voice, electric piano, and synth, Dave Witte (Discordance Axis, Municipal Waste, Deny The Cross etc.) on drums, and Aaron Dallison (Keelhaul) on bass, voice, and synth, Brain Tentacles sees the three-piece weaving their way through twisted, seizure-inducing compositions that call to mind the insanity of John Zorn's storied project Naked City and Mike Patton's most erratic experiments. The Brain Tentacles collective are masters of tension with the album moving unpredictably from mathy chaos to ponderous, juddering grooves that warp time in their wake, darting from one extreme to the other via insane rhythms and truly progressive, expansive songwriting. Occasional vocals (including a guest appearance from Oxbow's Eugene Robinson) lend an even sharper edge to the album, which is sure to blow away fans of instrumental and vocal-driven music alike. The record was produced by Sanford Parker (Minsk, Yob) and features artwork by Jef Whitehead of Leviathan. The first new song from the album, "The Sadist," has premiered via Decibel Magazine and can be heard now at this location. Brain Tentacles will be released September 30th on CD, LP, and digitally via Relapse Records. Physical and digital preorders are available. Brain Tentacles track listing: 01. Kingda Ka 02. Fruitcake 03. Cosmic Warriors Girth Curse 04. Hand Of God 05. Gassed 06. The Spoiler 07. Death Rules 08. The Sadist 09. Fata Morgana 10. Peace In War 11. Palantine

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