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Nails cancel tour, reportedly go on hiatus

If new reports from European concert promoters are to be believed, Southern California's Nails have gone on hiatus. The band had been scheduled to tour Europe this fall with Full Of Hell, however, several of the shows have officially been cancelled. One promoter published this explanation:
"Important: Unfortunately this show has been cancelled. Nails have gone on hiatus with no plan to play live or record again. For refunds, please contact your point of purchase."
That doesn't sound promising. The timing seems odd as Nails have been riding a wave of momentum following the release of their acclaimed new record, You Will Never Be One of Us. Then again, frontman Todd Jones has never been predictable, and he recently revealed to Decibel that the band almost broke up shortly after signing with Nuclear Blast in 2014.

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anonymous 7/25/2016 7:14:40 AM

-Todd Jones joke-

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:14:52 AM

So not even they will be one of them?

withdeadhandsrising 7/25/2016 7:15:57 AM

well that's just fcking GREAT, now i'll -really- never be one of them

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:15:57 AM

Todd Jones invented the hiatus sound. You will never be butt crust.

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:19:18 AM


anonymous 7/25/2016 7:19:44 AM

Best news, now dumb scene kids will have to find another band to overhype

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:20:40 AM

Everyone who attempted a pun based on the album name, kill yourself. You will never be Todd Jones enough. -The Real Todd Jones

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:21:53 AM

Nails>full of hell>1998 Ford escort>welcome to moes

willy_wanker 7/25/2016 7:23:15 AM

the couldnt handle the constant razzing they were getting by the extreme hardcore metal community

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:23:44 AM

The likely progression ^^

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:23:50 AM

He's just too heavy for his own good...

fourthgradecocktease 7/25/2016 7:24:22 AM

I'll be a sad panda if they're actually done

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:28:05 AM

Imagine how stoked Nuclear Blast is right now....

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:33:57 AM

Todd Jones caught all the Pokemon , no need to be a band anymore

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:35:47 AM

Thank god these crybabys are done

Jemenez_Cricket 7/25/2016 7:45:49 AM

lol what??

menstrualmath 7/25/2016 8:03:26 AM

If this is true, i wonder why they suddenly threw in the towel..

anonymous 7/25/2016 8:14:15 AM

You will never be one o' FLUSH

anonymous 7/25/2016 8:15:13 AM

Somebody at Todd's work must have finally found out about the band.

vsoccermomv 7/25/2016 8:15:54 AM

fck, you mean I'll have to just stick to bands that do the sound they're trying to rip way fcking better than them? Damn shame.

ineedmoresalt 7/25/2016 8:21:05 AM

Predicable predicable predicable

anonymous 7/25/2016 8:24:17 AM

I'm gonna guess that this is going to be the highest commented Lambgoat thread.

anonymous 7/25/2016 8:36:54 AM

"All you anonymous posters will never be one of us. You will never know the joys of having a real username and seeing the comments of your brothers appear in this comment section with pride. I have dedicated most of my leisure time to this site and I would like for you to acknowledge that and treat me with the respect I deserve." -celine

anonymous 7/25/2016 8:38:23 AM

Atleast we still have full of hell :DDDD

anonymous 7/25/2016 8:51:58 AM

What will the metal world do now that a totally original sounding band is gone, there will never be a similar sounding band to nails

anonymous 7/25/2016 8:59:34 AM

if anyone cares, found his linked in profile: n/todd-jones-a856b614

rick____tocchet 7/25/2016 9:02:12 AM

What a bunch of posers!!!

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:05:26 AM

No RAW DAWG no care CYC gayS fck NAILS fck LA

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:09:33 AM

todd jones ego couldnt handle anymore criticism from the metal community , he's used to dumb scene kids kissing his ass and following his every word blindly

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:11:24 AM

where's ja rule to make sense of all this

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:13:00 AM

This turn of events is categorical proof that Nails are, in fact, a hardcore band at heart. Hardcore is a flame that burns fast then smokes out before everyone can enjoy it first-hand. The other bands carry the torch. Metal bands have far greater longevity than hardcore bands. Doesn't make metal better, just makes it more stable. Nails is hardcore as fck.

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:16:46 AM

heh heh, maybe todd will let us join his gang now. -beavis and butthead

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:19:03 AM

I already caught mr mime so i dont need to go to europe - todd jones

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:20:26 AM

One time i was at hmv and i was all like what is this napalm death song so i soundhounded it and it was nails

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:24:56 AM

They also are now off the This Is Hardcore fest flyer which leads me to believe this is true

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:26:49 AM

"tour is cancelled, have to get my JONES back tattoo touched up first." - todd jones

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:30:20 AM

Zumiez just gained 3 employees

celine 7/25/2016 9:35:02 AM


anonymous 7/25/2016 9:44:15 AM

"Hah." -celine

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:44:36 AM

what a pretentious fggt, band sucks, guy sucks. Have fun working at the local target for the rest of your life.

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:54:21 AM

Nails tribute out on closed casket activities in November

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:55:40 AM

Hey guys Shane from Down In It here. Anyone know if they're selling their van? Thanks

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:58:43 AM

So basically Todd couldn't handle his hardcore persona being challenged. Who's shook now, pssy?

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:17:55 AM

So you're telling me that people will just have to listen to Napalm Death again?

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:31:01 AM

This is what happens when one member says "well...can we have a little bit of bullshit?"

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:32:11 AM

Who will rotten sound gadget and napalm death steal ideas from now?

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:32:17 AM

Oh my god the Beavis and butthead comment wins

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:36:14 AM

Kids who listened to Slipknot a month ago are sad

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:39:35 AM

worst singer ever!

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:42:36 AM


anonymous 7/25/2016 10:46:31 AM


anonymous 7/25/2016 10:47:03 AM

Unfortunately whatever young brothers band breaks up 5 more will be spawned to replace

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:48:54 AM

I'm making a grilled cheese. Some cape cod potato chips on the side and a pickle.

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:57:45 AM

I crap my pants at least twice a week and the nasty sh*t I make is more grimey and real than any Todd Jones soft serve b.s. Nails is for pousers

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:59:25 AM

Kcuf Ddot Senoj

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:01:33 AM

Todd jones went back underground to prepare his outlaw country album to take back the genre he created from posers like Waylon Jennings Merle haggard David Allen Coe and Johnny cash who stole his ideas

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:14:01 AM

"You will never be one of us" -Melania Trump

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:22:56 AM

Look at all these nobodies on here acting like theyre above people when theyve done nothing with their lives.

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:27:05 AM

You Will Never See One Of Us

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:27:11 AM

^^^^^ Todd jones

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:35:11 AM

Maybe they realised that their new album fcking sucks compared to the previous two, and rightly called it a day

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:44:17 AM

Maybe they realised that their new album fists my rear, and rightly called it a day

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:47:56 AM

I can't believe how much hate Nails is getting. You know half of the people talking crap don't even make anything themselves. Sad!

anonymous 7/25/2016 11:48:41 AM

Whoever posted at least we still have full of hell is a fool. Bernie Sanders x core is boring and the. Music doesn't stand on its own two feet. Grind core for pussies.

ed_money 7/25/2016 11:56:55 AM

Good news. Finally some peace and quiet.

anonymous 7/25/2016 12:11:26 PM

Great news, hopefully full of hell is next to go

anonymous 7/25/2016 12:14:38 PM

some key gimmicks haven't entered the fray yet... this is going to be a great afternoon.

anonymous 7/25/2016 12:17:53 PM

They will never be one of them. Nailed it.

anonymous 7/25/2016 12:19:32 PM

Todd Jones to re-join Terror and replace Scott Vogel!

anonymous 7/25/2016 12:23:17 PM

This sounds promising*

anonymous 7/25/2016 12:32:45 PM

"Daddy your band sucks"-Todd Jones' kids

anonymous 7/25/2016 12:50:24 PM

Remember when metal sucks made that article shitting on Todd Jones then gave the new White Chapel cd a 4.5 out of 5 stars HAHAHAHAH

anonymous 7/25/2016 12:55:46 PM

How can I ever be one of them now?

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:00:51 PM

Todd jones is his own worst enemy , although totally unoriginal nails' music is not terrible but the dudes arrogance and general attitude towards everything causes people to write articles shitting on him for example. Maybe being a hardcore elitist made him beleive metal folk would buy the bullshit he was trying sell but obviously that didn't happen

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:05:25 PM

Now that Nails is over Chaka says Burn is ending again. Another over hyped band bites the dust, because of an ego maniac frontman. Maybe Chaka and Todd can tour.

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:05:43 PM

Jones realized even the band could never be one of us. Realized its just not worth it.

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:06:00 PM

fck this stupid overhyped band and all the other wack projects taylor young's GOOFY ass is involved in, twitching tongues, disgrace & gods hate also need to just go the fck away

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:10:38 PM

It was a statement to the HC idiots. Put your name in all caps Old English Have songs that are 1:13 min in length Come up with a catchy slogan BOOM! Its that easy kids! No sit the fck down

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:12:41 PM

hahaha how much of a hard-on do you have to have for Chaka to trash him and Burn on a completely unrelated article. lambgoat comments never disappoint

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:20:01 PM

"Maybe Chaka and Todd can tour" Or maybe they can make a sex tape then Talentless Todd can marry Kanye West while Cool Chaka becomes the Ray J of hardcore. On this season of Keeping Up With The Hacksians...

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:28:01 PM

Jones is on his private jet headed to the DNC. He will announce cloning himself and continuing NAILS with himself. Godspeed, Todd Jones!

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:43:09 PM

Permalink | report abuse

anonymous 7/25/2016 1:47:09 PM

Chaka and Todd Jones are speaking at TIHC on the importance of voting for Hillary Clinton. Apparently the wikileaks dump also found emails proving that the DNC did not want Nails and Burn to continue. Both bands are apparently bad for business.

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:06:23 PM

good riddance. Bunch of jerks.

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:13:13 PM

Maybe that walking mangina Celine will break up now.

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:22:08 PM

holy shit^^^ LOL

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:26:28 PM

Can someone post links to offending "best of douchey interviews" I'm too lazy to sift through the googleweb

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:34:00 PM

I'm really curious what serj has to say about this...

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:45:18 PM

Monkey man Shane here. Can I use the name nails for my new band the monkees? All vegan monkey core band.

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:45:52 PM

Fronz is sitting in his Ferrari laughing

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:48:37 PM

Pee pees and wee wees are stoked.

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:48:47 PM

Hello everyone! Guys,it's Frank Emmure here ..I got to open at 640pm on the Main stage at The Gathering of Juggalos ...The Juggalos love the sound of coke farts into the mic.

anonymous 7/25/2016 2:59:24 PM

Jim Hesketh here, who the fck is Nails? Also I just got a job as a high school guidance counselor, life is pretty darn good right now. XOXO

anonymous 7/25/2016 3:02:59 PM

I was so excited for the TJ comments as soon as I saw this

anonymous 7/25/2016 3:11:13 PM

What are NAILS and where is Serj?

anonymous 7/25/2016 3:13:45 PM

I'm fcking crying at these comments

anonymous 7/25/2016 3:23:06 PM

Chaka and Franz are starting an R&B hardcore group. Todd Jones to produce. It's going to be called Burnstile. I hear Franz is writing and playing all the bass tracks. Chaka said he will emotional thought provoking lyrics with political undertones.

anonymous 7/25/2016 3:28:28 PM

I honestly think all music will now be banned in the US because of Jones putting NAILS on hiatus. He's the Godfather of sound and invented musical instruments we now know as guitars.

anonymous 7/25/2016 3:33:12 PM

Forced hiatus for inevitable world tour and festival circuit run for 2017.

anonymous 7/25/2016 3:42:13 PM

Todd must of realized he was never one of them

anonymous 7/25/2016 3:45:07 PM

"You Will Never Be One Of Us if you take anymore vacation time to tour the world with your rock metal band, Mr. Jones." -Human resources guy at Todd Jones' company

celine 7/25/2016 4:03:53 PM

People offering webmaster money for my address; lol, kneel before your fcking god, you worms.

anonymous 7/25/2016 4:06:44 PM

the butthurt in hardcore is too real right meow

anonymous 7/25/2016 4:11:19 PM

Hey remember when all you retards said doug? Yeah that sucked

anonymous 7/25/2016 4:25:44 PM

Todd Anselmo

anonymous 7/25/2016 4:42:41 PM

Hey hardcore elitist douches you're scene died in the early 90's where is you toddie jones now *nana nana nana*

celine 7/25/2016 4:44:41 PM

you are scene died, guys.

anonymous 7/25/2016 4:51:47 PM

Celine - fck you.

celine 7/25/2016 5:08:23 PM

No, fck you.

anonymous 7/25/2016 5:09:50 PM


anonymous 7/25/2016 5:24:06 PM

Todd Jones caught all the Pokemon , no need to be a band anymore. Thanks.

anonymous 7/25/2016 5:26:15 PM

has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable has never been predicable

anonymous 7/25/2016 5:26:57 PM

the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke the band almost broke

anonymous 7/25/2016 5:33:38 PM

Todd Jones is actually American Dad

anonymous 7/25/2016 5:47:01 PM

Doug Funny

celine 7/25/2016 5:55:09 PM

grammatical errors?! no innocent witness did it better.

anonymous 7/25/2016 6:33:17 PM

Doug Skeeter Rodger Porkchop Judith Mayor Bluff Chalky Nematode

anonymous 7/25/2016 6:34:09 PM

when are you going to shut the hell up, celine? you're the forum loser poster boy aren't you?

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:24:04 PM

Good dudes, backed hard

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:29:53 PM

sway here

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:48:41 PM

good dudes, hard backs

anonymous 7/25/2016 7:49:32 PM

riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum riding a wave of momentum

celine 7/25/2016 8:34:18 PM

You lookin at my poster, homo?

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:36:23 PM

Your name is poster enough

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:38:17 PM

Poster without the T

anonymous 7/25/2016 9:53:54 PM

100+ comments and none are clever or funny. Hopeless Basement Cheetos

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:05:45 PM

You Will Never Eat Cheetos In The Basement With Us.

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:09:53 PM

can someone/anyone please post the original article about TJ explaining the meaning of "you will never be one of us"? been meaning to read it again.

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:29:17 PM

Todd Jones is now huffing fart full time

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:40:50 PM

"Celine, put your life on a permanent hiatus" - legitimately everyone

anonymous 7/25/2016 10:45:54 PM

130 comments. This band is fcking, clown shoes.

anonymous 7/26/2016 12:02:40 AM

Hardcore is about to be flooded with feminazi liberal non binary bands. we're fcked.

anonymous 7/26/2016 12:40:29 AM

You guys are all idiots. Everyone knows Hillary Clinton is going to announce Todd Jones as her Vice President at the DNC later this week. Trump/Pence will never be one of us. Clinton/Jones 2016!

anonymous 7/26/2016 3:19:42 AM

you get your ass handed to you everyday

anonymous 7/26/2016 3:49:41 AM

Nasum did the nasum sound better anyways

anonymous 7/26/2016 5:44:23 AM

Todd said you don't need a big touring band. He is still living off the royalty checks from the terror demo. Chaka agreed with this financial power play.

anonymous 7/26/2016 7:15:47 AM

More time for Disgrace

anonymous 7/26/2016 7:22:48 AM

chaka, celine, shavo, jones, are all a bunch of feltchers.

horseheadxbookends 7/26/2016 7:25:38 AM

weak fellas, didn't even crack a smile

anonymous 7/26/2016 8:09:03 AM

What does Fronz think of this

anonymous 7/26/2016 10:24:46 AM


anonymous 7/26/2016 10:27:15 AM

nasum > napalm death > celine dion > nails

anonymous 7/26/2016 10:27:43 AM

poster with the t pose from the team

anonymous 7/26/2016 11:00:13 AM

Later days, dip_shits. Go back to your Creed cover band. Hit the county fair circuit like the rest of the washed up homo-erotic scene queens. Git 'em boyyyyyyyy!

anonymous 7/26/2016 11:05:06 AM

todd gooones

anonymous 7/26/2016 3:23:23 PM


anonymous 7/26/2016 4:39:45 PM

I'm honestly sad that Serj hasn't interjected

anonymous 7/26/2016 6:23:02 PM

perfect i can give you $40 up front just to ensure the purchase is mine. i can money order to you if you give me your credit card enformation. hold on kids in the kitchen very busy have to go send credit information....

anonymous 7/27/2016 6:15:23 AM

chaka, celine, shavo, jones, are all a bunch of feltchers... you forgot -Fronz.

anonymous 7/27/2016 9:12:50 AM

god jones is not impressed by your comments

anonymous 7/27/2016 11:38:02 AM

You will never be hia-tus.

anonymous 7/27/2016 11:40:07 AM

where's the update?

anonymous 7/27/2016 1:35:52 PM


anonymous 7/27/2016 1:52:05 PM

"YO TODD 'FRONZ' JONES HERE, I THINK I'M BLACK" this is the only Fronz/Jones joke that matters

anonymous 7/27/2016 6:58:32 PM

You will never be hia-tus. LOL, finally, a laugh from the comments. The reason the comments are unfunny, is because the band is unfunny and shit

anonymous 7/27/2016 9:18:49 PM

Scott Vogel sympathy pains

anonymous 7/30/2016 1:52:24 AM

All this fake "punk" and "hardcore"! Give back the Oi! Boots and Braces , Back with a Bang!

anonymous 8/1/2016 10:19:41 AM

Only on hiatus till they level up on PokémonGo

anonymous 8/1/2016 10:25:12 AM

How to be a hardcore band 101: Break up, tour, break up,tour. & The occasional drug bust.

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