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It Prevails frontman enters rehab, contributions sought

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 9:54 AM PT

Ian Fike, vocalist and co-founder of currently inactive Oregon band It Prevails, entered a rehab facility in Colorado immediately following a "very close call with a heroin overdose" several days ago. A GoFundMe campaign has subsequently been launched on Fike's behalf to pay for treatment. Here is a statement from Fike's girlfriend:

"Many of you know Ian as the vocalist of the melodic hardcore band It Prevails, or emotive rock band Take Shape. His music has touched the hearts of people around the world. Ian has inspired so many people in so many ways and everyone close to him knows how full of love he is. What a lot of people are not aware of is that Ian has struggled with addiction for quite some time now.

"On Friday, June 17th 2016, while on tour with his band, Ian had a very close call with a heroin overdose. The tour ended short and Ian got on a plane back home with his mom so he can seek the treatment he desperately wanted.

"Ian checked into the Raleigh House Treatment Center on Sunday, June 19th. If he had not checked in and sought treatment for himself, he may not still be alive at this time. Rehabillitation treatment is an important necessity that is critical to the recovery of Ian so he can continue living a healthy successful life.

"As grateful and lucky that we all are to have Ian still alive and making the choice to better his life, The hefty bill at the end of his stay is not something that has left my mind. During Ian's stay here, I (Jordahn, Ian's girlfriend) will be left responsible for not only picking up this bill, but also for all of the other bills and living expenses including Ian's union dues, a house for Ian and I to move into at the beginning of next month, and tour losses to his band. Every cent donated will be used soley to pay for Ian's medical expenses. I've been working close with Ian's mom in attempting to figure out things financially, and although I am in no way planning on paying for the whole medical bill using crowdfunding, any kind of small donation is greatly appreciated! I know it's asking a lot of friends and family, but as this journey has already been incredibly straining both emotionally and mentally on everyone involved, nobody wants to be stuck with a debt this great at the end. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for anyone who has supported our family in this horrible time, and I hope everyone is just as supportive for Ian while he's in recovery."

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