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Wakrat (RATM) signs with Earache Records

Mon, June 6, 2016 11:39 AM PT2,320 views

Official press release: Rage Against The Machine bassist and founding member Tim Commerford has signed a worldwide record deal with legendary UK-based independent label Earache Records for his new band Wakrat. The band has offered up new track "Generation Fucked" via www.earache.com/Wakrat. As part of Rage Against The Machine, Commerford has sold tens of millions of albums, played to countless fans across the globe and won two Grammy Awards. Commerford then went on to form another hugely successful act, Audioslave, with his former Rage Against The Machine bandmates Tom Morello and Brad Wilk, along with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. Tim Commerford is now returning in 2016 with Wakrat, a brand new project which features Commerford on vocals and bass, Mathias Wakrat on drums, and Laurent Grangeon on guitar and vocals. The band's debut album is due to be released later this year on Earache Records. Tim Commerford comments: "We are gearing up to be on the offensive, assaulting the populous with our debut album on Earache Records. We have put a shit load of blood and sweat into this and we want it back! Our mission is to attack modern music and smash the grid. Unapologetic, unrelenting, unbridled and uncensored. Understood?" Earache's Tom Hadfield adds: "We are so excited to be working with Tim Commerford. Since Rage Against The Machine, there has been a distinct lack of politically-charged bands around. Corruption is everywhere and those responsible for the inequality and suffering need to be held accountable. What better place than here, what better time than now."

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