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Video: Belphegor frontman assaulted by activist

Wednesday, April 20, 2016 8:53 AM PT

A Russian orthodox activist spat on, and attempted to strike Helmuth Lehner, frontman of Austrian black metal band Belphegor, this week at a Russian airport. The confrontation took place at the Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg as members of Belphegor and Nile arrived prior to an April 19 concert. The instigator is reportedly Anatoly Artyukh, a member of an Orthodox Christian nationalist organization.

The video clip below shows the incident, which began with Artyukh asking a question of Lehner before ultimately spitting in Lehner's face. Artyukh then follows the musicians as they make their way through the airport for transport to the concert venue. Eventually, Artyukh appears to throw a punch at Lehner, but is rebuffed by Karl Sanders of Nile.

(The aforementioned drama commences at the video's 5:00 mark.)

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