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Oxbow look to recoup part of $40,000 spent on new album

San Francisco, California rock/noise band Oxbow recently completed work on their first new album in nearly a decade. The effort is titled Thin Black Duke and according to Oxbow, they spent roughly $40,000 making the record.
"Our new record the Thin Black Duke cost us, over the course of the decade we've worked on it, $40,000. [And we have yet to master it for vinyl or make a video for it.] We can provide receipts for everything we've done and we do now have a label for it but no sane label will give us back the 40K we spent [and we don't expect them to] and truth be told no sane band would have spent 40,000 dollars in the first place but if you've read this far you know how Oxbow is and even better what Oxbow does."
In advance of Thin Black Duke's November release, the band is hoping to recoup a portion of their expenses via a new Gofundme campaign. Frontman Eugene Robinson says, "No, we're not sick, dying, in jail or victims of some awful crime or accident. But the day is young even if we're not. So give if the mood strikes you. Mock if that suits you best. Either way we completely understand."

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