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Funeral For A Friend call out The Story So Far over incident

Wed, April 13, 2016 7:39 AM PT10,707 views

By now you've likely seen the video in which The Story So Far frontman Parker Cannon is seen kicking a female fan off the stage as she attempted to take a mid-show selfie (the video is approaching one million views). Reaction to the widely discussed incident has been mixed, with many applauding Cannon, and yet many others condemning him. Soon to be disbanded British post-hardcore band Funeral For A Friend clearly fall in the latter camp, taking to Facebook this morning to express their displeasure with Cannon's behavior:
"After reading and viewing the events around the incident at The Story So Far show and the commentary that followed from various other sources I think we feel the need to sound our opinions on the matter. "We've been a touring band for a long time and during that time we've had many enthusiastic, friendly people join us on stage to dance, sing, stage dive etc. We've always respected the well being of the people that come to our shows regardless if they pop onto stage and take a selfie or dance with us (yes, we've had it happen on our stages before and we make sure they leave the stage safely as possible). "Acting like an asshole and kicking someone because they're taking a selfie is not acceptable behaviour (regardless of your personal feelings on the matter) and is a shame on this whole scene. If any band out there actually thinks that this behaviour can be justified in any way then that saddens us beyond belief. "Set a positive example, not a negative one."
Meanwhile, The Story So Far has reportedly been banned from the venue where the incident took place, the Mod Club in Toronto.

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