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Nomads album set for release, new song online

Official press release: Melotov Records presents the April 22nd release of Love It or Leave It, the debut album by LA "outlaw punks" Nomads. Stream "The Killer," from Love It or Leave It here. Like a hurricane of sound, Nomads flattens all in its path. Whiplash d-beats, steamrolling riffs and wailing solos drive forward with natural disaster intensity, led by frontman Mocaine's raspy ringleading. The band's extreme brand of punk has its roots in Motorhead, Discharge, and Discharge-loving punks of the '80s, like Anti Cimex from Sweden and Gauze from Japan. But Nomads is an LA band, through and through. They take influence from around the world and bring it home to LA to tell their own nihilistic stories of drugs, violence, cops, and death. As one LA Weekly writer put it, Nomads "has given LA punk rock an updated version of N.W.A." Like N.W.A. and Suicidal Tendencies, Nomads are LA bards giving a voice to the darkness and demons in the City of Angels. From start to finish, Love It or Leave It is an album of storm-like sonic power and lyrical realness. Mocaine describes the meaning behind the album title: "It's about completely disliking the reality we wake up to everyday. So you want to escape by getting high or dying. Or both." Tucked into the onslaught are two ripping covers – GG Allin's "Commit Suicide" and The Sisters of Mercy's "Lucretia, My Reflection." In the hands of Nomads – and also thanks to the massive, wall-of-crust production and mastering of Taylor Young (Nails, Xibalba) and Brad Boatright (Magrudergrind, Full of Hell) – these disparate songs are transformed into two absolute anthems that fit right in to the whole. Nomads was founded in LA in 2011 by ex-members of Product of Waste and Minority Unit. Current drummer Jorge "Basura" Herrera also pounds for Despise You and ACxDC. Love It or Leave It follows a 2012 self-released demo, a 2013 split 7" with Treacherouskin on Melotov Records, and a 2014 self-titled 7" on the band's own H1N1 Records. The track list is as follows: 1) Falling Down 2) The Killer 3) Gang Mentality 4) Slaughterhouse 5) Commit Suicide (G.G. Allin) 6) C World 7) Omegalomaniac 8) Ricochet 9) Fall Out 10) Too Little, Too Late 11) Lucretia, My Reflection (The Sisters of Mercy) The album cover is by comic book artist Neil Devlin.


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anonymous 3/6/2016 12:15:31 PM

This band is nothing special, but they should be on a better label.

anonymous 3/6/2016 12:23:01 PM

This song would of been cool at 2mins or less, just starts to drag and get boring. I agree with the first guy, I can think of better labels this should be on like A389. The label they are on is crap.

anonymous 3/7/2016 10:55:06 AM

Who? really who?

anonymous 3/7/2016 12:02:04 PM

vocals are awesome

anonymous 3/7/2016 12:54:09 PM

I thought I was going to hear something I never heard before, but its infest type of stuff, ok i guess. In other words i wont buy it.

anonymous 3/7/2016 1:29:34 PM

fck all y'all Melotov Rules!

anonymous 3/7/2016 4:08:03 PM

The drummer's name is "garbage" hahaha he should play for Garbage. Hey Butch Vig -are you listening?

anonymous 3/8/2016 7:59:35 AM

fck all y'all Melotov Rules HAHAH Only the clicks and poser kids like that crappy label.

anonymous 3/9/2016 11:05:50 AM

Is this the fat girl who thinks shes the shit?

anonymous 3/11/2016 12:46:15 AM

She's hot but ya she thinks she's the shit lol

anonymous 3/13/2016 9:55:45 AM

I always see her stupid faces she makes in IG.

anonymous 3/14/2016 5:26:44 AM

Her label is just as bad as 6131.

anonymous 3/14/2016 2:15:50 PM

Lol y'all a salty bunch. I don't know her personally but I can either assume that one of you had a band she turned down and that's why you follow her on IG despite her "stupid faces" or you are dumb bitch in the hardcore scene and jealous of the attention she gets. Her label rules, and this new band rules. That's what I came here to originally post. Idk about 6131 though lmao

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