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Lord Mantis set to release new EP

Official press release: Chicago extreme metal band Lord Mantis will release a new EP titled, NTW, on April 29 via New Density. Recorded at Bricktop Recording with engineer Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos, Like Rats) and mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room (Windhand, YOB, Voivod), the release features searing new songs that build on the music of the group's 2014 LP, Death Mask (Profound Lore), a record hailed as "a deviant, disturbing but thoughtful fragment of art that demands that you listen carefully" by Vice. NTW marks the recording debut of the new Lord Mantis line-up, which now features vocalist Dylan O'Toole and bassist Will Lindsay -- each formerly of Indian -- and guitarist Scott Shellhamer (also of American Heritage) joining the core of guitarist Andrew Markuszewski and drummer Bill Bumgardner. The EP delivers incendiary music that strikes with savage force and hammers the listener with razor-sharp intensity, wielding sustained tension like a scythe. Ominous imagery from artist Manuel Tinnemans (Comaworx) perfectly complements the dark aura of the record. "The music delves to and draws from the same place Lord Mantis has always drawn from; taking the most vicious aspects of the beast and shoving that in everyone's face," comments Markuszewski. "The songs can move anywhere. You have moments on this recording that go from fervent aggression to areas more nauseous and grimey. Every time we write new music we're more confident than before with what we're doing. The sound and technique of Lord Mantis is second nature to us, but we're also never afraid to explore new territory with it." Track listing: 1. SIG Safer 2. NTW 3. Semblances 4. Final Division

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