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Jungle Rot claims video banned by government

Thursday, February 25, 2016 6:14 PM PT

Wisconsin death metal band Jungle Rot had been scheduled to premiere a new music video today for their song, "Doomsday." However, said video was not released due to what the band alleges is government censorship. The group had this to say:

"Unfortunately, the premiere of the new Jungle Rot video for 'Doomsday' has been postponed because we were flagged by the government for inciting 'dissention'. The video will be re-edited and released next week. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we fought the law and the law won."

The band subsequently added this:

"Just remember you guys... Every single piece of commercial media is being checked out and reported on before the media allows it to be dispersed to the public... and I don't mean Uncle Bobs Garage Blues Band YouTube video for 2 viewers. One asshole decides he's offended and makes a stink. Whatever... whats done is done. We still tryna do what we do here."

When asked by a fan how the government became aware of the video, Jungle Rot had this to say:

"Don't wanna get that far into it. But it was sent to various outlets and then reported and called out."

Jungle Rot says video censored by Government

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