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These Streets sign with LHHC Records, premiere new song

These Streets debut new track California hardcore band These Streets has signed with LHHC Records, an imprint of Fast Break! Records, and the label founded by members of Lionheart. The band's new album, Out Of Time, will be released on March 24. To coincide with the announcement, These Streets are premiering a new song titled "Membership Declined." You can stream the track below. Here's what vocalist Cam Grabowski has to say about it:
"Today in hardcore I see a lot of segregation and bullying. If you don't collect the right records, listen to the right bands, have the coolest friends, or play the coolest music you get ostracized and left out. We've always been about doing our own thing and going against the grain. We had no interest in joining the cool kid club so We've created our own place for kids to enjoy themselves and have a good time no matter who they are or how they look. This song's for the real ones. We don't care if you like hype bands, we don't care if you like beat down, we don't care if you listen to metalcore either. This song is about doing your own thing and not listening to the people that try to bring you down for not being like them."

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