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A Static Lullaby to reunite for shows

Nearly four years after breaking up, A Static Lullaby will reunite for a few California shows in February and March. The dates can be found below. 2/26 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar 2/27 Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse 3/25 Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk 3/26 San Francisco, CA @ Social Hall SF

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anonymous 12/28/2015 9:20:56 AM

What is it that makes all these acts want to resurface for a few shows....? It seems undignified.

anonymous 12/28/2015 9:26:29 AM

I went on tour with these clowns back in February of 2004 and they were terrible. They stayed terrible throughout the years and I'm sure that when they reunite for shows...... They will still be terrible.

anonymous 12/28/2015 10:14:25 AM

These guys always had the reputation of being jerks back in the day. Pretty sure its only the vocalist left

OrgCore 12/28/2015 10:17:35 AM

Yup, they were dcks and their music sucked.

anonymous 12/28/2015 10:28:00 AM

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anonymous 12/28/2015 11:20:16 AM

My ex-girlfriend used to m0sh to these dudes like 13 years ago. She thought they were the most brOotal band she ever heard. I should email her this.

anonymous 12/28/2015 12:01:22 PM

Suck a bag of dcks Fa g gots this is sick. Too bad it's only on the west coast. And oh first commenter, what band were you in? Probably mad successful lol

OrgCore 12/28/2015 12:39:27 PM

^ Trying to call out other people when you openly like a band called " A Static Lullaby"

anonymous 12/28/2015 1:14:31 PM

2 comments above is the singer being hurt in the butt. Is there a name for that?

anonymous 12/28/2015 1:18:42 PM

I actually punched the lead singer out one time. This band was terrible and should never resurface.

anonymous 12/28/2015 2:53:02 PM

c-list post-hrdcre band from 12 years ago to take some earned vacation time and play a couple gigs to feel cool again

anonymous 12/28/2015 3:58:20 PM

did anyone actually listen to this band?

anonymous 12/28/2015 4:24:55 PM

^ They signed a deal and got a 6 figure advance from Columbia records. Put out that second full length and lost 90% of the fanbase.

anonymous 12/28/2015 4:43:32 PM

^ real talk. That second full length ate all sorts of ass. Whole bunch of jealous whiny bitches in here too commenting, it seems someone's girlfriend got fcked by all this band lolz

anonymous 12/28/2015 4:46:56 PM

^^ Columbia Records A&R

anonymous 12/28/2015 5:41:31 PM

Does anyone remember Joe Brown's old band Upperhand?

anonymous 12/28/2015 5:42:51 PM

Only good thing was jarrod alexanders drumming. Dude added such a dynamic to a boring sounding band. Those fills!

anonymous 12/28/2015 6:46:38 PM

were lapped by similar bands who put in way less time a decade ago. who actually believes this is profitable now? hang it up again losers. cry baby emo vocals went away long ago for just reason.

anonymous 12/28/2015 8:14:14 PM

this is one of those bands where I thought the band sounded pro but the singer sounded like he was the rest of the bands friend who didnt have any music talent but could "screamo scream"

anonymous 12/28/2015 8:23:46 PM

STAY DEAD! For fück's sake.

anonymous 12/29/2015 3:20:47 PM

These dudes are a bunch of dumb fux. They suck loud and just want money for being worthless, I'm already losing at life for even commenting about them. TRASH

anonymous 12/30/2015 12:56:43 PM

my friend knows the band personally

anonymous 12/30/2015 1:04:23 PM


rednaaaaaaar 1/2/2016 7:51:20 AM

I thought that Static what's-his-t-ts was dead.

anonymous 1/2/2016 12:00:06 PM

Second poster: How were AFI and Coheed behind closed doors on that tour?

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