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Thy Art Is Murder frontman leaves band

Monday, December 21, 2015 6:00 PM PT / 9,504 views

Australian deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder has announced the departure of CJ McMahon, vocalist for the band since 2009. Here is their statement:
"After much conjecture and ambiguity on his behalf, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce today that CJ is no longer a part of Thy Art Is Murder. We have worked so hard from day one to make this band what it is now, and develop the reputation that we have and he had been there with us every step of the way. We like to think that even if someone doesn't like our music that they can at least respect our work ethic. This band has taken us to places we never thought we would see and to share stages with many bands we never thought we would get to play with or meet, let alone call friends. It is unfortunate that with our best year to date and our biggest paved out before us that he has decided to leave. "All this being said, touring as hard as we do does take its toll on you physically, but more importantly mentally and emotionally. We are an underground metal band, and have been so fortunate over the last two years to carve out a small income thanks to so many dedicated and generous fans around the world. For some people, it comes to a turning point in their life where that income is no longer enough for their personal goals, and that point has come for CJ. We would like to wish him all our best as he leaves the band and moves onward to start a family and new life with his loving fiancée. "The four of us are continuing forward into 2016 for some of the biggest and best tours of our lives. We won't be slowing down or missing any shows. We head back out next month with Parkway Drive and Architects throughout Europe and the UK and will be taking one of our favourite vocalists with us, Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution. Thy Art is what we have done with all of our adult lives and we have put absolutely everything we have into the band and the friendship between the four of us. That friendship and drive to create extreme music is what has kept us together through thick and thin. Unfortunately not everyone can share this fire."
For his part, McMahon had this to say:
"With a mix of both negative and positive emotions, I inform you all that I have parted ways with my band Thy Art Is Murder. It has been a wild ride I have travelled to over 40 countries around the world and played alongside some of the worlds biggest and best bands, it brings me great sadness knowing I will never perform again for my amazing and supportive fans, this will be the hardest thing for me to deal with. "My reasons for leaving: I spend too much time away from my fiancé , family and friends, touring has taken a massive mental, emotional and physical toll on me. One of the biggest reasons is money, I / we have been broke for years and being 32 years old I can't live like this anymore. I am getting married next year and plan on having a family, these things cost money, to put the finances into perspective for you I /we have earned between $16k-$18k each over 6-7 years, I feel there is something massively wrong with this, I will not live like this anymore. "I'm sorry to my fans that I have to go, I have loved you all and I thank you for believing in me supporting me. The money made from my closing down sale of my clothing label will be going to my wedding, I will also be selling my Northface stage jacket I have worn the last two years on stage via eBay soon to try to pay for my wedding for the people interested, again thank you for the love and support."
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anonymous 12/21/2015 6:10:15 PM

$16-$18k a year. Wow.

anonymous 12/21/2015 6:21:37 PM

Thy Band Is Terrible

ineedmoresalt 12/21/2015 6:36:25 PM

The Fart is Odor

anonymous 12/21/2015 7:07:23 PM

Fails to mention that 16k is $80k in Australian Dollars...jackass

anonymous 12/21/2015 7:27:51 PM

Actually 16k usd is like 22k Australian. Also keep in mind that a burger and fries that cost 8$ in the U.S. is gonna be about 15-20 Australian and a beer at a bar is like 10-12 Australian. So it's actually worse

anonymous 12/21/2015 7:41:07 PM

Cool who cares

anonymous 12/21/2015 7:44:05 PM

CJ did his own post saying he's getting married and selling stuff to pay for it. That must be one hell of a northface jacket to pay for a whole wedding.

anonymous 12/21/2015 8:12:15 PM

I guess thy will be done soon

anonymous 12/21/2015 8:12:45 PM

Where are you gays getting these numbers from

anonymous 12/21/2015 8:40:54 PM

geeking at that northface comment

anonymous 12/21/2015 8:57:44 PM

It might've paid for a wedding if the jacket was from South Butt.

anonymous 12/21/2015 9:42:14 PM

lol and exactly what career are you moving into that's gonna make you millions dickhead?

anonymous 12/21/2015 9:43:52 PM

wall flags at half mast. one of the tougher blows to the deathcore community since Despised Icon disbanded. Take some solace in the fact we are welcoming the return of a seasoned vet to step in. 'Deathcore' Jon

anonymous 12/21/2015 9:51:37 PM

pssy whipped gay

anonymous 12/21/2015 11:40:52 PM

this is a semi djent band and i'm moderately upset about the passing of this member... As am upstanding member of the djent i believe i speak for everyone when I say djent is the best style of music on the face of the planet and if any of you fckbois have anything bad to say about misha mansoor... well you can take it up with a pair of my bareknuckle pickups raymond djent clark

anonymous 12/22/2015 12:03:04 AM

Thy northface is valuable

anonymous 12/22/2015 1:41:57 AM


anonymous 12/22/2015 1:59:23 AM

That half abbo guitar player is a pure desmond.

anonymous 12/22/2015 2:56:10 AM

Bad week to have the word 'Thy' be the first word in your band name.

anonymous 12/22/2015 7:45:27 AM

Good luck getting a job that pays more than your shitty band with tattoos covering you head to toe and singing songs about beat and murder. Kids need to think before they do stupid shit. I'm talking to you, CJ.

anonymous 12/22/2015 8:00:27 AM

He could have paid for the wedding with his 10 grand worth of tattoos. But you know..have to look cool.

anonymous 12/22/2015 8:07:17 AM

damn 32 years old and finally figuring it out. Little late to the party but good for you bud! Tell those "look bro, the band is gonna make it" dweebs to fvck off, you got a normal life to get started on!

anonymous 12/22/2015 8:19:43 AM

Moral of the story: don't get tied down to a Bitch who doesn't care about your happiness

anonymous 12/22/2015 8:31:05 AM

If he's saying that it took 6-7 years to earn 18k, then I don't blame him for quitting lol

anonymous 12/22/2015 9:47:24 AM

this is why guys like the Maylene dude completely shit a brick over having to pay $348. OMFG GUYS PLEASE DONATE!

anonymous 12/22/2015 9:53:25 AM

He is quitting because when you turn 30 your brain finally turns on and you realize that playing/listening to shit like this is a waste of fcking time and you have fcked up your credit and future for nothing.

anonymous 12/22/2015 11:49:58 AM

Only took six years to realize there's no money in metal.

anonymous 12/22/2015 12:35:03 PM

16-18K a year is actually decent for a guy with no job. Sack up and don't cry to us. Living in the tour bus and shitty hotels, sleeping in and partying whenever is such a tough go.

anonymous 12/22/2015 1:29:19 PM

he says 16/18k IN 7 years. Most minimum wage make close to that in a year

anonymous 12/22/2015 4:09:49 PM


anonymous 12/22/2015 4:10:02 PM


anonymous 12/22/2015 4:17:28 PM


anonymous 12/22/2015 7:02:55 PM

your fans aren't old enough to buy music

genghisjohn 12/22/2015 7:27:44 PM

Thy Art Is Not Music

anonymous 12/23/2015 4:41:32 PM

Thy band art fckwits

SN00PY 12/27/2015 9:35:35 AM

Thy Art drove you to bankruptcy

SN00PY 12/27/2015 4:53:14 PM

thy art is murdering your career

anonymous 12/29/2015 11:07:45 AM

Nikes aren't stoked

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