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Dallas Taylor (Maylene, ex-Underoath) alleges police brutality

Dallas Taylor, current Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and former Underoath vocalist, says that both he and Maylene guitarist Jake Duncan were the victims of police brutality last night in Birmingham, AL. Taylor alleges that he and Duncan were videotaping altercations between police officers and patrons of an unspecified club last night when the pair was attacked by police officers. Taylor was detained for an hour while Duncan was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct. Taylor is seeking donations for legal fees, and has issued this:
Last night 12/12/2015 Dallas Taylor from the southern rock band "Maylene and the Sons of Disaster" was video taping people coming out of a restaurant/dance club drunk trying to fight cops. He started to video tape, and was attacked by one of the drunks. Jake Duncan our guitarist ran over to try and calm the situation and break up the fight. Jake Duncan, and Dallas Taylor were then attacked by police officers and were victims of police brutality. Jake Duncan was repeatedly getting his head slammed in the pavement, and Dallas Taylor was thrown to the ground with his knee cut open. Dallas Taylor was just trying to document the situation as people kept yelling "F@"k your country and F"@K cops". The cops did not arrest one drunk person or any of the ones that were trying to fight cops. Dallas Taylor was detained for around an hour and Jake Duncan who did nothing wrong in this matter was arrested on Disorderly Conduct. His bail in the picture above was $358.45. Not counting on getting a lawyer to fight these corrupt cops. Dallas Taylor's phone was also stolen in the altercation. If you could please help us out we would appreciate it. We never ask for help but what happened is wrong and we do not have the money to pay these fees. Any little bit helps. You can mail checks to: Dallas Taylor 5900 N.W. 135th Ave Morriston, FL 32668 Or contact me in a message on my personal Facebook page-Dallas Taylor and I can give you different options to help out, such as square etc, or leave a comment below on this post and I'll get in touch with you personally. My Paypal is Dallas Taylor Thank you so much for reading this and God Bless. We live in a free country that is being run the wrong way in a lot of situations.

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