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Suburban Scum to return in 2016

Saturday, November 21, 2015 10:57 AM PT

Suburban Scum

New Jersey hardcore band Suburban Scum has revealed that they are still a band and will "continue on" in 2016.

As you may recall, the group was poised to release a new album this past summer when frontman Ryan Taylor, aka Karebear, was accused of participating in an assault of Crosscheck drummer Tom Alderson, who was hospitalized as a result. In the wake of the ensuing controversy, the band was essentially forced underground.

Fast forward to yesterday and the band issued this update via Twitter:

"We are still a band and will continue on in 2016. If you don't like it, we have two words for ya. Love you."

The group has yet to address whether or not Taylor will be fronting the band, but for what it's worth, Taylor did retweet their update.

UPDATE: Suburban Scum subsequently issued another statement via Facebook in which they said that their shelved Ultimate Annihilation will soon receive a proper release:

"We will be continuing on as a band in the new year. We will also be setting up a proper release for 'Ultimate Annihilation' that you will hear about in the coming months. You have the right to support who you want and we have the right to play our music. Thanks to anyone who continues to ride with us. See you in 2016."

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