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The Word Alive singer breaks back during show

During a performance in Pomona, California last weekend, The Word Alive frontman Telle Smith broke several bones, including a bone in his spine, while stage diving. Smith offered up the following information via Twitter:
"I think I tied the record for worst show injury... 1 broken rib, 1 fractured rib and a broken back. Went a little TOO big in Pomona! #fml... I have a brace to help me finish out the last shows we have. But I won't be going crazy so you'll have to do that for me. RIP stage dives... For those asking, recovery time is estimated at 3-4 months so I'll be back at it hard in 2016!! Backflips included once I'm 100%"
Meanwhile, the band had this to say:
"We will not be missing any shows due to Telle Smith breaking ribs and his back. He won't be moving much though so if you can come out and go extra hard we would love that! We told you that if TWA ever has missed a show it was because we absolutely couldn't play and this should prove that!"
Some footage of Smith doing a backflip and stage-diving at the show can be seen here:

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