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Deftones complete work on new album

Deftones band photo Though they're certainly behind schedule, Deftones have finally completed work on the music for their next studio album. Mixing was completed during the past week and the only component left is mastering, a process in which bands are not typically involved. Speaking to Daniel Carter of the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, frontman Chino Moreno had this to say:
"Well yesterday [November 7] we actually finished the last mix, or at least approved the last mix, so now it's just time to sequence the songs and master them and we should be done. So aside from artwork still is something that we're working on, but we're making progress with that. Album title close, but not all the way there yet, and song titles as well. But that's usually the stuff that's the sort of the last stuff to come together. But as far as the music, it's done, it's sounding good and we're excited about it."
Carter also asked Moreno about the new material, and he offered this:
"I can't really compare it to our last couple records. I mean those two records were done in a very similar manner where we locked ourselves in a room for a short period of time and wrote and recorded it. Therefore I feel like we sort of really captured this moment in time and the record sort of sounds cohesive because of that. "This record was done sort of over a year, spread out over these little tiny writing sections. So it sounds a bit more fragmented, but in a good way. I feel like you put on one song and it's completely different from the song after it, or previous to it. It's not like we had this one main idea and we went in and we sort of went with that vibe, I mean the vibe's sort of all over the place. "Like any Deftones record, I mean it's got dynamics and there's loud aggressiveness and there's mellowness to it, but it's all sort of got an ebb and flow to it. I don't know, it'd be hard for me to put it in words exactly what it sounds like. It's definitely a Deftones record. The way I look at it is, it's a gradual step from where we last were."
Moreno added that the band hopes to premiere a new song within the next few weeks.

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