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Megadeth to begin U.S. tour in February, not with Lamb of God

Monday, November 9, 2015 8:06 AM PT / 5,109 views
Via two separate Periscope chats in recent days, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed that the band will commence a U.S. tour in February 2016. The trek will feature four bands, but not Lamb of God, as had previously been suggested. Asked about the tour on Saturday (November 7), Mustaine offered this:
"[I'm] really excited about coming back to the States and doing our North American tour there. The dates are coming along pretty well. And we've got three bands we're gonna be taking out with us there. Not completely sure about confirming all of them, but if they do confirm, the guys that I'm thinking about — no, it's not Lamb of God for North America — if those guys are on it, I think it's gonna be a cool, cool lineup."


anonymous 11/9/2015 8:19:05 AM

"I read on Lambgoat that they used to be called Burn the Priest, so now I hate Lamb of God!" - Mustaine

anonymous 11/9/2015 8:24:07 AM

Dave knows LOG would blow Megadeth away and the majority of the audience would leave after LOG's set anyway. His ego wont allow it.

anonymous 11/9/2015 9:00:09 AM

Megadeth might very well be the most overrated metal band in history.

anonymous 11/9/2015 9:06:21 AM


anonymous 11/9/2015 9:26:52 AM

"excited about coming back to the states" Wtf, stop talking like your not from here.

anonymous 11/9/2015 9:54:15 AM

Mustaine is a chode

zerofender 11/9/2015 10:10:29 AM

Everyone is going to leave after the supporting bands anyway. Fetal alcohol syndrome is stoked.

anonymous 11/9/2015 10:43:38 AM

Garth Algar is stoked

anonymous 11/9/2015 11:08:34 AM

Not DJENT next RDC

anonymous 11/9/2015 1:05:25 PM

Megadjent ^^^^^

anonymous 11/9/2015 2:20:05 PM

The opening riff of holy wars is the best in metal, fck all you slayer warshiping turds. Too bad he's such a complete douch

anonymous 11/9/2015 4:42:19 PM

Christ on a Crunch Tour '16, w/Stryper, Impending Doom and Devil Wears Prada.

anonymous 11/9/2015 5:13:48 PM

Djentlemen wear prada

anonymous 11/9/2015 5:18:26 PM

would totally listen to a band called Megadjent

anonymous 11/10/2015 11:07:30 AM

anonymous20 hours ago The opening riff of holy wars is the best in metal, what an immensely re tard ed statement

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