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Deftones, Stormtroopers of Death split 7-inch confirmed

Deftones and Stormtroopers of Death Milk split Stormtroopers of Death's previously announced Milk 7", due out on Record Store Day 2015, will also feature the Deftones. According to ex-S.O.D. member Scott Ian (of Anthrax fame), Deftones contribute a cover of the title track. [via ThePRP]


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anonymous 10/29/2015 8:50:41 AM

Axell Pugh has a man bush.

anonymous 10/29/2015 9:39:16 AM

Stormtroopers of Djent

shane_battier 10/29/2015 10:07:43 AM

april fools?

anonymous 10/29/2015 11:30:42 AM

Now is a better time than ever to sing Fu ck the Middle East

anonymous 10/29/2015 11:42:55 AM

Stormtroopers of Def

anonymous 10/29/2015 12:51:07 PM

Dope, I'll wait til a month after the inflated prices die down on eBay.

anonymous 10/29/2015 3:38:50 PM

No offense to the deftones, but out of all the bands SOD could do a split with?

anonymous 10/29/2015 4:28:54 PM

^^ Newbie F**CK.

anonymous 10/29/2015 4:47:58 PM

This is probably the worst idea since Schumacher put nips on Batman.

anonymous 10/29/2015 9:21:36 PM

deftones demoed that "Milk" cover ages ago

Sandpaperseatbelts 10/30/2015 12:47:32 AM

Well la di fcking da.

ig88 10/30/2015 1:16:34 PM

anonymous 1 day ago Stormtroopers of Def How did they miss this golden opportunity?

anonymous 10/30/2015 10:56:12 PM

The deftones cover of milk is super old!

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