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Erra vocalist quitting band

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 4:37 PM PT / 4,714 views

Ian Eubanks, vocalist of Alabama progressive metalcore act Erra, will be exiting the band following their forthcoming tour with Tesseract and The Contortionist. The band has issued the following statement:
"We're sad to announce that the upcoming tour with Tesseract will be Ian's last tour with the band. He's had issues with hurting his voice, and we're all legitimately concerned about him doing severe long-term damage to it by continuing to scream. This situation has been difficult for all of us, but it is absolutely being handled the correct way even if it isn't the easiest way. "The good news is that we have already recorded our new album in its entirety with our new vocalist and have zero doubt in our minds that you guys will be very stoked about the results (more news on that in the coming months). "It's been a tough year-and-a-half, what with all of the member changes, but I think these circumstances are the ultimate test as to whether or not these kinds of things hurt your band or make you better than before. I don't think we could have possibly bounced out of this dilemma in a better way than we have. Genuinely, this is the most promising the band's future has looked thus far and we are ecstatic for you guys to hear the evidence of that in the new album. We are super proud of it. Thank you for your support, and please come out to the Tesseract tour to give a proper farewell to Ian in person!"
Meanwhile, Eubanks had this to say:
"It is with a heavy heart I have to share this news. After this tour, I will no longer be the vocalist for Erra. After many close calls, it finally became clear that my voice could not handle the stress of recording and touring. I've had this burden to keep since August, and it has often manifested in unhealthy negative emotions. "I have lost two friends this year, my place to live and my band. Losing Erra has been the most difficult to deal with, as I had put so much of myself into it. It was my calling, it had started to become my identity and I had finally found what I was put on this earth to do. Losing the physical ability to do so has forced me to reevaluate many things, mainly, what is most important to me. "I can't thank my friends and my family enough for being there in my times of need. I have spent many sleepless nights and shed many tears trying to figure this all out. The only comfort I could find was in the arms of the people I love most. "I feel I am finally getting close to being at peace with this, although I will always miss being out on the road with my brothers, meeting all of the people who supported the band, making friends all across the world and pouring everything I had into performing on stage. "There is a silver lining to this cloud, as I have been making preparations to begin recording a new solo album. I look forward to being behind a guitar and hope to be on stage with the poison kitchen again soon. "I love you guys, come out to a show and give me a hug or take me to your gym!"


anonymous 10/28/2015 5:15:33 PM

Popular header- it's with heavy heart

anonymous 10/28/2015 5:17:03 PM

No no no no no!!!! I relied on their djenting they are one of the best DJENT acts available. Jesse is like basically an apprentice to the great and powerful Misha Mansoors of the world... The Aaron marshalls of the world... The Anup sastrys of the world... Need I say more... I pray to the good lord Alvin Djentry that these djentleman keep djenting Ray DJENT Clark

anonymous 10/28/2015 5:32:19 PM

it is with heavy heart that I never read or care about this ever.

anonymous 10/28/2015 5:33:22 PM

Lifts a bunch of weights but a little yelling hurts his voice? Sounds like a puss.

anonymous 10/28/2015 6:06:38 PM

"Alabama progressive metalcore"

anonymous 10/28/2015 6:25:45 PM

Axell Pugh has a man bush.

Chi_Stake 10/28/2015 6:42:45 PM

Alabama isn't "progressive" anything.

anonymous 10/28/2015 10:07:34 PM

The life of touring metal God isn't for everyone- some can't handle the spice of life and fall by my wayside. Serj tmkn-soda fame. coined modern metal screams with CHOP SUY and everyone tries to catch the bug. U try screaming the verse Chop SUY before exploding into singing chorus to "my lonely days". SHAVO tried to sing one night and I looked at the sound guy and motioned to cut his mic XD lmao it was throwing me off! But to answer the ?, hardest song to scream live..AERIALS xD

anonymous 10/28/2015 11:43:42 PM

Poison kitchen? Dafuq?

anonymous 10/29/2015 12:09:57 AM

Sheds and tears are stoked

anonymous 10/29/2015 4:23:08 AM


rednaaaaaaar 10/29/2015 5:41:50 AM

What the shit is a poison kitchen?

anonymous 10/29/2015 5:45:10 AM

less Alabama progressive metalcore, more pornogrind

rick____tocchet 10/29/2015 7:12:19 AM

Never heard of this band. Probably for good reason.

anonymous 10/29/2015 7:17:58 AM

glad he finally found the erra of his ways... get your ass in the gym

anonymous 10/29/2015 10:36:48 AM

If you try to jam more than 2 c-cks down your throat at a time you're going to hurt your throat. Just cut down on c-cks and you'll be fine. - Dr. Phil

anonymous 10/29/2015 2:10:13 PM

Nymphotomy was better than Misery Signals rip off shit anyways

anonymous 10/29/2015 4:21:33 PM

Pinup productions here

anonymous 10/29/2015 5:38:20 PM

I'm sorry but who?

anonymous 10/29/2015 6:15:24 PM

This guy was the good vocalist. Someone needs to shut up the guitarist's emo whining bullshit though...

estep 10/29/2015 6:56:57 PM

Erramahgerd amirite?

anonymous 10/29/2015 11:32:42 PM

If anyone is looking to start a DJENT band I have 2 agile guitars an 8 string and a 9 string Ray DJENT Clark

anonymous 10/30/2015 2:49:23 AM

"I have lost two friends this year, my place to live and my band. Losing Erra has been the most difficult to deal with" two of my friends are no longer alive and I am homeless. But leaving my shit band sucks the most.

anonymous 10/30/2015 5:58:06 AM

are we sure this isn't just a bipolar rant?

anonymous 10/30/2015 11:31:07 AM

People who do impressions of the Kennedy's are stoked. ERRA ERRAAA

anonymous 10/30/2015 5:00:31 PM

He quit the band because he spilled beer in my sound board.. See what happens?? Too scared to show his face at shows for fear of the stankus Brian Sankus

anonymous 11/1/2015 11:55:47 AM

what would happen if oliver sykes quit BMTH when his voice went out? we wouldn't have the masterpiece that is That's the Spirit. just change your sound, change your style. sell out. stay in the band.

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