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Victory Records suing Streetlight Manifesto for $1 million

Thursday, October 22, 2015 9:57 AM PT

Victory Records, no strangers to litigation, have filed a complaint against ska punk band Streetlight Manifesto via its sole remaining original member. According to Courthouse News Service, Victory seeks more than $1 million in damages for the band's alleged failure to fulfill the obligations of its record contract, in addition to copyright infringement.

The suit was reportedly filed on Friday and directed at Streetlight Manifesto frontman and mastermind Tomas Kalnoky.

Here is an excerpt from Courthouse New Service's report:

Victory Records released the band's first album, "Everything Goes Numb," in August 2003. The label says their deal required the band to deliver Victory up to four albums.

Kalnoky's "incessant production delays" caused a three-year delay to the band's second album, "Keasbey Nights," according to the complaint.

"Kalnoky, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, once acknowledged in an update to the SLM website his band's penchant for persistently delaying completing production of studio albums: 'We are aware of our reputation to take forever to release records and miss our self-imposed deadlines,'" the complaint states. "Whatever the subjective basis for Kalnoky's proclivity to procrastinate, it had the objective effect of holding albums hostage long after he had received the recording advances from Victory."

Victory says the band agreed not to count this album as one of the four albums under its contract to receive a $10,000 emergency advance.

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