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Black Tongue denied U.S. visas, cancel tour

Two weeks ago UK metal band Black Tongue revealed that they would miss the beginning of their North American tour with Carnifex and company as they awaited for their U.S. visas. Fast forward two weeks and Black Tongues has now announced that their visa applications were denied. As such, they obviously won't be joining the tour. Here's the official word:
:We just received the devastating news that our visas have been denied for the current US tour we were meant to be joining. "We have no other details as of yet and are awaiting a statement from the US Visa Office regarding why they were denied. "There are not enough words to express how sorry we are to all you fans that missed out on seeing us and we're expecting to see us as the tour continued. Please understand we did everything we could, in particular applying for the visas over 9 months ago now, and it's all been out of our hands for a while. "We remain hopeful for another attempt at coming back to the US and hope we will be able to see you all again soon."

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